11 Things to Do Before Closing Your Pool

11 Things to Do Before Closing Your Pool

Fall is the time when many of you close your pool. While it’s not time to close while the temps stay warm, it is time to think about it.

We’ve put together a list of 11 things you should do before closing your pool. Plan to start tackling this list about two weeks before closing day.

#1: Order Pool Supplies

Do this two weeks before closing. Look around and see what chemicals you have on hand. If you need anything, please stop by during this time.

In addition, check your cover over for any breakage. If you need a new winter safety cover, it’s time to get one now.

#2: Have Your Water Tested

Bring us a sample of your water so we can help you ensure your pool is healthy and ready to close. Do it one week before closing. We’ll run it through our BioGuard ALEX System for free!

#3: Balance Your Pool Water

Do this one week before closing to make sure your pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness are at the proper levels.

#4: Manage Your Water Level

You want to make sure there’s plenty of water in your pool before closing. Please check with us for more info.

#5: Assess Chlorine Levels

Use chlorine to kill any bacteria and algae lingering in your pool about a week before closing.

You want your chlorine at healthy levels before covering your pool for the winter.

#6: Backwash Your Filter

You want to let your run for a full cycle before backwashing and chemically cleaning your filter before closing your pool.

#7: Drain Pool Lines

To avoid costly repairs in the spring from damage pipes, be sure to drain your pool lines.

#8: Clean Your Pool

Right before closing your pool, brush the walls and vacuum it, making sure to get rid of all debris.

#9 Shock the Pool

You want to shock your pool on the day of closing and add algaecide as needed.

#10: Install a Safety Cover

This keeps pets and children safe during the winter months.

#11: Check Your Pool

Throughout the winter, lift up your cover periodically and bring us a water sample. You want to check the water chemistry and adjust as necessary.

Final Thoughts

Take good care when closing your pool because it means the difference between opening a clean pool and one that’s a mess.

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