Close Late and Open Early

Close Late and Open Early

It’s always better to close late and open early when it comes to your swimming pool.

Your pool water needs to be consistently below 65 degrees to avoid algae growth and other problems.

If you close your pool prematurely, you will have more and increased expense at your pool opening in the spring. Plus, if you close your pool too early, and the weather warms up (which it certainly will!), you’ll end up with chlorine demand.

Warm Weather – Don’t Close

Closing your pool too early, especially if the weather is warm, is not a good thing.

Basically, you’re asking your pool chemicals to do more than they can handle.

You want to close your pool at just the right time so your winter protection chemicals last until spring. Close too early, and they won’t last, causing you problems when it’s time to open your pool.

Your pool consumes chemicals much faster when the weather is warm and more slowly when the temperatures are cooler.

So, if you close too early, you tax your winter chemicals, and you can end up with algae, staining and chlorine demand.

Make Spring Opening Easy

By closing late and opening early, not only do you get to enjoy your pool longer, but you avoid costly problems in the spring.

After all, you don’t want to have to completely drain and refill your pool or add many more chemicals than normal in the spring because you closed too early.

To Conclude

Enjoy your backyard paradise as long as you can!

Bottom line – close your pool late and open early. Warm temperatures mean it’s not time to close yet. If you have questions as to timing, please contact us – we’re happy to help.

Remember, though, when leaving your pool open for a while this fall, you still want to maintain it by adding the proper chemicals and keeping it clean.

Once temperatures are consistently below 65°F, you can close your pool.

Do make sure to bring us a water sample before you close your pool. If you’d like us to close your pool, please contact us to get on the schedule.