5 Minute Microwave Potato Chips

5 Minute Microwave Potato Chips

Love potato chips but not the guilt? Now you don’t have to worry about it. These five minute microwave potato chips are simple to make and cook in your microwave!

And, yes, they are crunchy, too!

Ingredients for Microwave Potato Chips

As many potatoes as you’d like

  • Prep Time: 1 min.
  • Cook Time: 5 mins.
  • Total Time: 6 minutes


Slice potatoes as thin as possible. A mandoline can help. If you don’t have one, carefully use a knife and slice to around 1/8 inch.

Arrange the potato slices on parchment paper. You don’t want them to overlap.

You can also sprinkle them with salt or your favorite seasoning.

Then, microwave the slices for four-five minutes or until they start turning brown. Thicker slices require longer.

Carefully remove from microwave and enjoy! Dip in ketchup, ranch, or your favorite aioli!

Recipe adapted from Shane and Simple.