The Basic Things to Know About a Hot Tub

3 Basic Things to Know About a Hot Tub

You’re either getting ready to buy a hot tub, or perhaps you just bought one. First, we want you to know that we are here for you for more than just the purchase!

At Townley Pool and Spa, we are here to provide service should your hot tub need it, expert advice on maintenance, and chemicals to keep your spa clean and sparkling clear. Now, let’s look at some key things to know about your new spa.

Check out this article for the basic things to know about a hot tub.

What are the Parts of Your Hot Tub?

We carry Hot Spring Spas, and they come in various sizes with room for a couple to room for seven or more. Hot Spring Spas are hot tubs you can count on every time.

Here are the parts of your new hot tub:

  • The shell of your hot tub is the inside of your spa. This is the area that holds you and the water.
  • The hot tub cabinet is the outside of your spa. You’ll find wood look cabinets and metallic look cabinets in a variety of colors. Cabinets are usually removable so we can get inside for maintenance.
  • The jets are what makes you happy! The jets move the water around in your hot tub and provide you the most amazing massage!
  • When we talk about your hot tub equipment, we are talking about your spa’s filtration system, the pump, the motor, the heater, and even what insulates your hot tub and helps keep it warm.
  • The cover of your spa goes on top of it and helps keep the water in your spa warm. The hot tub cover also keeps out dirt and debris.
  • The cover lifter is optional but a highly recommended product. You use the cover lifter to help you lift the cover off your hot tub. It makes everyday use so much easier!

What You Need to Know About Maintenance

When you buy your hot tub from Townley Pool and Spa, we walk you through the steps to take to maintain your spa. We are always here to answer your questions and help you find just the right chemicals for your hot tub. What’s more, we offer free water testing so we can help you keep the cleanest, clearest spa.

Generally, you want to maintain your spa weekly. This ensures that your water is always ready for soaking. Depending on the system you’re using in your hot tub, you may be able to go longer in between maintenance times. We can discuss this more with you after your purchase.

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Final Thoughts

Some people leave their hot tubs open year-round (a great idea to make every day better!), while others close and open their spas at different times throughout the year.

Whether you leave yours open or you close it, you will want to drain and refill your spa once or twice a year. We have directions on how to do this in another blog post!

Have more questions? Contact us today! We’d love to chat!