Dirty Thirty Sale and Your Pool Filters

Dirty Thirty Sale and Your Pool Filters

No one ever said they liked cleaning their filters! So…let us do it for you during the Dirty Thirty Sale! Save $30 when you schedule your cleaning now! This means you don’t have to wait to get on our schedule when you’re ready to open your pool in March and April. Cleaning your filters now means you are ready!

Get $30 off your sand change or filter cleaning for your DE/Cartridge filters. Through February 28, 2023.

Let Us Do It For You

Can you do your own sand change or clean your DE and cartridge filter? Yes, you can. But it certainly isn’t fun!

That’s why it’s a good idea to let a professional do it. Having clean filters is vital to the proper functioning of your swimming pool. Like most everything around your home, filters need maintenance. If you’ve waited too long, your filter just won’t work, and your pool water will look dirty.

Our expert service techs know just what to do, and they don’t mind getting a little dirty by changing your sand or cleaning your filters!

What’s more, cleaning your filter and changing sand are complex issues. You want to make sure it’s done right, and you can rest assured we will!

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Schedule Today

It’s the end of January, and we recommend scheduling today. Taking care of these tasks in February means you are better able to start swimming in March and April.

Plus, take advantage of our special, get it done now, get it done right, and you save time and money! Contact us below or give us a call!