EGGfest On the Go 2021


EGGfest on the Go was such a hit last year, we’re bringing it back with EGGfest on the Go 20210 and videos, tips, and techniques! We hit the road to visit with our favorite grill teams! Visit our website for videos with loads of tips and tricks every week in October – we’ll add several videos every week! You can also watch videos on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Intro to EGGfest 2021

We are kicking off EGGfest 2021! We are virtual again this year but have plenty of great content planned for you! We are also raffling off a large Big Green EGG with all proceeds benefiting the Arkansas Foodbank. You can also enjoy huge savings with our EGGfest Special.

Cody’s Cooking Show

EGGfest on the Go! – Raffle Winner!

Pizza with Fancy

EGGin’ with Fancy and CoCo! See adorable Fancy make a pizza and cook it on the Big Green Egg MiniMax!

Smoked Shotgun Shells

Pasta on the grill? Absolutely! Check out this cool new twist to have some “pasta” on the grill.

Dusty w/BGEggers of Northwest Arkansas

Our reigning EGGfest champion and Master EGGchef, Dusty, brings you a very special video on pork butt and smoked beans.

3 Course Meal for 6 for Less Than $30

Here is a super easy meal to plan for your next party. All these ingredients cost about $30 and easily feed four-six people. The video includes an appetizer, main course, and dessert. Following along our EGGfest to go to see each one of these made in more detail below.

Smoked Queso

Part of three course meal for six for less thank $30!

Here is a great plant-based Smoked Queso along with regular Smoked Queso. Kid tested and approved!

Easy Pork Tenderloin

Part of three course meal for six for less thank $30!

Here’s a super easy way to cook the main ingredient on your Big Green EGG. Pork tenderloin is very tasty and cooks in way less time than an entire pork butt.

Smoked Twinkies

Part of three course meal for six for less thank $30!

Your grill is already heated up from your Easy Pork Tenderloin, so use the temp that has already built up inside the EGG to cook your dessert. These Smoked Twinkies were delicious!