How to Decorate Your Pool for the Holidays

How to Decorate Your Pool for the Holidays

Your swimming pool provides ambiance and a resort-like feel to your backyard during the summer. Did you know, though, that you can decorate it for the holidays! With the unseasonable weather we’ve had, and the long range forecast showing Christmas Day in the 60s, you’ll find spending time outside is a perfect way to celebrate the holidays!

In this article, we look at how to decorate your pool and pool deck for the holidays. It’s a great way to enjoy the indoors and the outdoors this holiday season.

Add a Bow

This works whether your pool is closed or still open during the winter. Buy some fabric and make an oversized bow to put over your pool. It can rest on your pool cover, or you can lay it over your pool and anchor it on your pool deck.

You can also check online as you’re sure to find some extra big bows for purchase.

Your friends and family will love the extra touch!

Add Lighting

You’re used to adding lighting around your pool in the summer with pool lights and hanging lights.

During the season, add some Christmas lights. You’ll add some extra color and holiday spirit outside.

Don’t forget lighting your pool area, in your trees, on your patio, and on the pool deck.

Add Some Decor

Holiday decor isn’t just for the front yard. Add some of those oversized figurines such as Santa and his reindeer to your backyard.

Decorate a Christmas tree with outdoor-proof ornaments. This might be an evergreen you have in your backyard, or you can add an artificial or real tree and decorate it.

Get creative in your backyard to really set the scene with your holiday decor.

Add Some Candles

If you’re having an evening party, set some candles around your pool deck and on your tables.

If your pool is still open, add some floating candles or other floating lighting (come see us – we have some!).

Add a Fire Pit

Fire pits are great conservation areas, and they add a little bit of warmth on a cool evening.

What’s more, adding fire outside really ups the holiday ambiance factor!

Final Thoughts

Get creative as you decorate your pool area and your pool deck. Add decor and some lighting, and you’ll have the most memorable holiday season yet.

Don’t forget the New Year. You can modify some of your existing decorations, or you can leave up the ones you have as you ring in 2022!

We wish you the happiest and safest of holiday seasons!