How to Hide Pool Equipment with Landscaping

How to Hide Pool Equipment with Landscaping

Swimming pools are beautiful. The equipment that goes along with them? Not so much.

Check out our tips on how to hide pool equipment with landscaping. Your backyard will look so much better!

You know that without your pool pump and filter system, your pool wouldn’t work. But you also don’t want to look at all that pool equipment, especially when your backyard is your very own oasis.

While the pool equipment can’t be too far from the swimming pool, the good news is, you can hide it from view.

Let’s look at some of your options.

Hide It With Landscaping

You’ll find many unique ways to harness the power of landscaping.

  • Use ornamental grasses and bushes to hide your pool equipment. If you choose the right ones, they’ll grow wide enough and tall enough to completely conceal your equipment. Consider options like Boxwoods that grow thick, Japanese Holly that is super leafy, and ornamental grasses. When planting either bushes or ornamental grasses, you may want to plant several for extra concealment.
  • Create hills and valleys. This may be a dump truck full of dirt or a truck bed full of topsoil. Either way, you can build up a mound of dirt in front of your pool equipment and add some planting on top of it.

Hide It With Enclosures

Another idea for concealing your pool equipment is to put an enclosure around it. Think privacy screens used as enclosures.

This might be a solid enclosure like an attractive pool shed or pool house. Or it could be a pool screen or any type of outdoor screen. If you work with a contractor or handyman (or you’re handy!), you can build an attractive enclosure.

Get creative with your enclosures – they might be made of wood, stone, or even glass panels.

Final Thoughts

Whichever route you go, get creative, and stay true to the design of your backyard. You’ll be happier with your end result if your backyard really defines your beautiful retreat. Have questions? Give us a call – we’ve got suggestions!


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