Top 5 Landscaping Ideas for Your Pool

Creating a backyard retreat is not only rewarding, but it helps you create backyard memories for years to come. With the right landscaping ideas, you can make it shine.

When you set about landscaping around a pool, you might find it challenging to decide what plants to put in the ground and where to put them.

Each home is unique and presents different areas for planting. To help you get started, check out these top five landscaping ideas for your pool. First, let’s look at at some basic considerations.

What Should  I Consider?

When it comes to choosing plants, consider these things that apply to most homeowners with pools:

  • How easy are the plants to maintain?
  • Do you need plants for privacy?
  • Will you also need to consider safety around your pool when adding landscaping?
  • How big do you want your plants? Will they get too big and shade the pool? And, do you want areas of shade, too?
  • What about how the plants smell? Do you like their scent, or would you prefer plants that don’t smell?
  • How is your climate? While your favorite plant be wonderful, will it work in your zipcode?

Now let’s look at some landscaping ideas.

#1: Your First Step

Sketch a design. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, this will be your guide.

Consider your existing landscaping as well as you work on your design. Think about:

  • Scale
  • Proportion
  • Texure
  • Balance
  • Color Scheme

Decide what plantings will go in the front, middle, and back.  Make sure they complement each other in color and texture as well.  You might also choose a theme. For example, do you want to choose a tropical theme, or would you prefer plants native to you area?

#2: Avoid Messy Plants

The last thing you want to plant in your backyard where it has close proximity to your pool is trees, shrubs, and plants that drop leaves, needles, acorns, fruit, or any other sort of dropping.

By avoiding these plants, you’ll avoid a major mess in your pool and on your pool cover. You want to stay away from any debris-leaving plants to avoid the mess and any pool staining.

Consider plants that don’t drop a lot and don’t need to be cut back very often.

#3: Plant for Privacy

Do you need some privacy around your swimming pool?

For many homeowners, this is a concern as they don’t want neighbors looking in on them while they relax in the pool.

First, think about your space, your fence, and whether you have any exposed areas. Then add some plants to your design sketch where you need privacy. Research the type of tree, bush, or shrub so you know how big it will get, and if it meets your needs.

#4: Plant for Security

Security comes in many forms. First, do you need to plant to keep neighbor children out? Then, your privacy plantings should help discourage wandering eyes.

Second, do you need to keep bees  and wasps away from the pool? The answer is probably yes. So, keep away from plants that stingers enjoy, or at least keep them away from the pool.

#5: Think About Roots

You’ve probably heard of someone planting a tree to close to their home or driveway and ending up with roots creating major problems.

The same holds true for your swimming pool. The last thing you want is roots in your pipes or causing cracks in your pool deck or your pool. So, be sure to research root systems and plant these plants far enough away from the pool.

Final Thoughts

Your backyard can be an oasis. A place for family memories, parties with friends, and staycations. Your landscaping can do a lot to affect the ambiance, so plan wisely as you move forward.

Take these landscaping ideas and turn your backyard into the perfect place.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! We are here to help you service your pool, provide tips, and the best in pool chemicals!