Keep Your Dog From Drinking Pool Water

Keep Your Dog From Drinking Pool Water

Do you watch your favorite four-legged friend when he or she goes outside? Do they love your swimming pool? Do they drink the water?

It’s really not a good idea for dogs to drink pool water.

In this article, we look at how to keep your dog from drinking pool water.

Why is Pool Water Unsafe for Dogs to Drink?

You put chemicals into your pool water to keep it clean.

When your dog is super thirsty, which he’d bound to be in the summer, he may drink and continue drinking until his thirst is satiated.

Pool water isn’t a good idea for your dog’s sensitive stomach because of the pool chemicals.

How to Keep Your Dog from Drinking Pool Water

First, watch your dog when he or she is in the backyard around your swimming pool.

Next, put a large bowl of fresh, cool water outside for your dog to drink. Given the choice, your dog is going to choose cool water in  a familiar bowl.

You also want to keep the bowl away from the swimming pool and make sure your dog has easy access to it.

It’s also a good idea to train your dog to drink from the water bowl instead of the pool. Add a few treats to the mix and soon your friend knows pool water isn’t for drinking.

Now that we’ve looked at drinking safety, let’s look at few other best practices for dogs around the pool.

dog in the pool

Teach Your Dog to Swim

You can teach your dog to swim by getting them used to the water.

Go in the pool before your dog and help support them as they reach areas where they can’t stand. Teach them how to kick their back legs and doggy paddle.

You also want to teach your dog how to get out of the pool. Do this over and over again until “Rover” gets it.

It may also be a good idea to put a doggie life vest on your dog when he’s around the pool. This is especially important if your dog can’t swim.

Keep Your Dog Out of the Pool

Your dog is bound to want to get in your spa especially if you’re in it.

This is again not a good idea. Why? It’s a hot body of water, and these temperatures may be too hot for your dog. He’ll overheat and suffer greatly as a consequence. Plus, it’s much harder for your dog to get out of the hot tub than it is for you.

Wash Your Dog After Their Swim

The final thing you want to think about while your dog is outside and in the pool is bath time.

Since dogs are constantly cleaning themselves, you don’t want them to lick off any residual chemicals. You also want to make sure they chlorine doesn’t irritate their skin and cause them to itch. You also want to think about their ears, too.

So, pamper your dog after pool time. They’ll love the extra time with you!

Final Thoughts

Being outside in your backyard retreat with your swimming pool, hot tub, family, friends, and your dog is the perfect summertime day!

Do keep in mind that your dog has different needs than humans do, so follow these tips to keep them safe in and around the pool!

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