Time for Mid-Season Pool Maintenance

We’re halfway through the pool season, and it’s time to take a look at your swimming pool and your Polaris pool cleaner. You want to make sure everything is in great working order before the leaves start falling in a few months.

Since it’s time for mid-season pool maintenance, let’s look at some tips.

Check Your Filters

You want to check all of your pool equipment midway through the pool season, and this includes your filters. They are essential to the proper maintenance and efficiency of your pool.

Take your filters out and clean them thoroughly. If they are dirty, your filter system can’t work as well, causing you issues with your pool.

Check Your Skimmer Box

You want to look over your skimmer box and check for leaks and cracks. In addition, tighten the screws.

If it’s leaking, you’d notice a drop in your water level. And, if it’s cracked, you most likely need to replace it.

If your skimmer basket is broken, you’ll want to replace it, too.

Finally, check to make sure there aren’t large pieces of debris that are stuck in your skimmer. If this happens, your filter system again won’t work correctly.

Keep Up with Weekly Maintenance

It can be easy this time of year to fall down on your weekly maintenance. To avoid this, enlist help from your family members. If this isn’t enough, give us a call  as we offer weekly maintenance.

Continue to clean your pool, brushing the walls, and removing dirt and debris. In addition, you want to continue to test your water every week or two to ensure it’s ready for swimming at any time.


Maintain Your Polaris Pool Cleaner

  1. Take a look at the universal wall fitting for your pool cleaner. There is a little piece there that may need replacing, and we can help. Please stop by for more information on this.
  2.  We recommend having your pool cleaner professionally serviced by us every two years. If it’s been awhile, drop by with your cleaner, and we can help you service it. From basic service, to troubleshooting, to cleaning it, to even rebuilding it, we’ve got you covered.

You can also check out this video for more information on hooking up your cleaner.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your swimming pool clean and ready for swimming all summer long requires a commitment to cleaning and maintenance. Because we often get tired halfway through the summer, rededicate yourself for some mid-season pool maintenance.

By keeping up with your regular maintenance schedule, you’re well on your way to a crystal clear, healthy swimming pool.

If you find you need some extra help – you might want us to clean your pool, or  you might have an algae issue – we are here for you. Contact us today!