Pellet Dogs in a Blanket

Pellet Dogs in a Blanket are a fun treat for any occasion! Now, don’t laugh, but we can almost guarantee you the kids will love them. And, we know the adults will, too. They just might not admit it! 


Aluminum Foil
Bake at Home Crescent Rolls
Cookie Sheet
Meat Rub of Choice
Package of All Beef Hot Dogs


Set grill to 375°.

Get your favorite pre-made crescent rolls (croissants) in the cardboard tube (you know, the one that explodes when you open it). Sprinkle one side of the dough with your favorite pork or beef rub. Wrap your hot dogs up inside the seasoned triangles.

Set on an ungreased cookie sheet. By now you have already turned your grill on to 375°, and it’s up to temperature.

It takes about 20-25 minutes or so to get the rolls golden brown.

Add any condiments you like for dipping and enjoy!

Recipe and photo from Green Mountain Grills.