Aerospace 303 Protectant

Aerospace 303

303 Aerospace Protectant is like sunscreen for your hot tub cover!

It features fantastic UV-blocking technology for spa covers, and regular use gives 100% prevention of vinyl sun fading. Nothing beautifies as intensely or protects as powerfully or lasts as long. The 303 Protectant is the product we recommend for safely extending the life of vinyl spa covers. It:

  • Stops the clock on spa cover UV damage
  • Prevents cracking and sun fading
  • Restores color and luster
  • No damaging silicone oil or petroleum distillates
  • 16 oz. pump sprayer

Product notes: It’s safe and effective on vinyl hot tub covers because it contains no silicone oil. It protects for spa pillows as well as rubber, plastics, finished leather, dashboards, black plastic fenders, door & trunk seals, vinyl convertible tops, boat & RV seats, and more!