Arctic Blue Algae Protector

Arctic Blue® Algae Protector Algae Protector

You want to take care of your pool all year long – even in the winter.

BioGuard® off season products are designed to care for your pool during the months when your pool is not being used.

Closing your pool makes maintenance easy during the cooler months and keeps things under control until you are ready to open it in the spring.

Closing your pool properly means an easier spring opening that can help save you effort, time and money!

The Arctic Blue® Algae Protector is great for helping you care for  your off season pool.

Arctic Blue® Algae Protector

  • Prevents algae growth during winter months
  • Non-staining pool algicide
  • No mixing or pre-dissolving needed
  • Formulated for use in chlorinated or brominated swimming pools of all surfaces and filter types