smart light

Looking to add some ambiance to your pool but don’t want to spend thousands on lights? Smart Lite for swimming pools is your answer. Check out these great $69.95 lights!

The Smart Lite from Main Access is an underwater pool light. It’s so easy to use and comes with two mounting brackets.

You simply slide the light niche into a bracket that mounts to the pool stairs. Or you can use the return mount bracket to hang the light behind the directional eyeball lock ring.

The Smart Lite also come with a charging base. Just set the light niche on the charging base for two hours, and the light holds a charge for 10-12 hours. Use the included remote to toggle between 16 color options and four color-changing modes.

You can add as many or as few Smart Lites as you’d like. We think it looks lovely with just one. If you’d like to add several, you can sync them all together with the same remote.

We love these rechargeable pool lights! They add ambiance and make night swims more enjoyable. And, they’re great for added romance!