Your Pool Maintenance After the Pool Party

Your Pool Maintenance After the Pool Party

You’ve had the guests. Your pool has seen a ton of people. Your bather loads were through the roof. Now what?

Well, just like you are most likely having to clean your house and your backyard, you need to clean your swimming pool, too.

Let’s look at your pool maintenance after the pool party.

But, first, let’s look at some pre-party tips to get you prepared.

Before the Big Pool Party

It’s a good idea to shock your pool one or two days before your high bather loads. This gives your chlorine levels an extra punch, so they’ll work better.

Shock is great because it cleans your pool while allowing your pool to maintain its chlorine levels. We recommend BioGuard 3″ Tabs!

After the Pool Party

Suntan lotion, body oil, dirt, and debris are cluttering your pool after your latest pool party. It’s imperative that you attend to this asap or your chlorine levels might be depleted. Low chlorine means algae, and you want to fight that at all costs.

We suggest you also shock your pool after your pool party. This will boost your chlorine levels.

Do shock at night so the sun can’t burn off the chlorine during the heat of an Arkansas summer day.

In addition, we suggest running your pool pump after you add the shock to help the debris filter out of your pool.

Finally, clean your pool, empty your skimmer basket, brush your pools walls, vacuum any debris, and clean your cartridge filters if necessary after your pool party.

Attend to Water Loss

Another consideration is water loss. With high bather loads and jumping/diving contests, your pool loses a lot of water. As a rule of thumb, your water should be above your skimmer level.

If you lost water, you’ll need to add some to your pool.

Once you’ve done this, bring us a water sample. We’ll run it (for FREE) through our computerized ALEX system to let you know if you need to add any specific chemicals.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve cleaned up your pool and done your pool maintenance, it’s ready for your next swim session with your family or even another pool party!

If you need help with your pool care, we are here for you. Contact us today and let our expert service professionals help you take care of your pool.


We proudly carry BioGuard pool chemicals for the health and clarity of your pool!