Freezing Weather is Coming

You Can Leave Your Pool Ope

Freezing weather coming. While most swimming pools are closed now, some pools are still open. If yours is one of them, this article is a must-read!

The Forecast Shows Freezing Temps

When you see the forecast projecting freezing temperatures, or when the outdoor temperatures is 32 degrees or less, you want to take precautions to protect your pool. Freeze damage to your pool and pool equipment is costly, and there are ways to avoid it.

Follow these tips to protect your pool:

  • Run your pump continuously. This keeps your water circulating so it can’t freeze. Run them anytime the temperatures are near 32 degrees. Do not wait until they are.
  • Break up an ice on the surface of your pool. In addition, make sure there isn’t any ice in your skimmer.
  • Make sure your pool water stays at the right level all winter. If the water level drops too low, you may experience damage to your equipment.
  • Don’t backwash when it’s really cold.

Final Thoughts on Freezing Weather

Don’t ignore your swimming pool during the winter. If it’s staying open, you still need to add chemicals. If you’re closing it, you do want to take a peek under the cover on occasion.

You may also contact our service department at any time during the year (even during freezing weather), and we can send our pro service techs out if you encounter issues.