Get to Know the Basics of the Swimming Pool

Get to Know the Basics of the Swimming Pool

Do you know what makes your pool run? Are you confused by swimming pool basics? Or are you considering buying a pool and want to learn more before you do?

Knowing all the pieces of your swimming pool is an important part of knowing how to maintain your pool. Basically every swimming pool has four parts, and you want to take care of all of them to keep your pool in good working order all season long.

In this article, we help you get to know the basics of the swimming pool. Let’s look at the four parts.

Your Pool Water

Taking care of your pool water on a very regular schedule is the best way to ensure that your water is clear, clean, and sparkling anytime you, your family, or your friends want to swim.

Your goal is to maintain your water chemistry on a regular basis by testing the water. Don’t forget you can always bring us a water sample, and we’ll test it for free. Yes, that’s right, for free! We run it through our computerized Alex system. We then provide you with a computer printout letting you know where your pool stands and what chemicals you need to add.

It’s important to balance your pool water, shock it as needed, and prevent algae.

Finally, here are a few tips for maintaining your pool on a weekly basis. You can also take a look at our article on creating a pool maintenance schedule during the summer for more detailed information and more tips!

  • Check the water levels.
  • Run your pump for 10-12 hours per day.
  • Test the water and adjust the pH if needed.
  • Make sure your chlorine levels are okay. Test them regularly.
  • Watch alkalinity – test and adjust.
  • Inspect the pool water and check for clarity and algae growth.
  • Add the appropriate amount of weekly chlorine.

The Inside of Your Pool

Along with taking care of the water, you want to take care of the inside of your pool. This means the walls, floors, and the top of the water. We recommend doing the following on a regular basis:

  • Skim the surface of the pool and remove leaves and debris.
  • Brush your pool, walls and floor twice per week. Keep the waterline clean.
  • Vacuum at least once per week.

Pay attention as well to any tears in your liner as well as any cracks. You also want to make sure you are keeping the inside of your pool free from algae and leaves and dirt.

Your Pool Filter

This is the core of your pool. Why?

Your pool filter keeps your pool clean from dirt and other water contaminants. As your pool pump works to keep the water circulating, your pool filter helps clean out any gunk.

Depending on the type of pool filter you have, you do want to keep it clean. Please contact us if you have more questions about your pool filter!

Your Pool Skimmer

Every swimming pool has pool skimmers, and they are vital to the good working order of your swimming pool.

You’ll find these rectangular shaped openings on the side of the built when they’re built in. Some people might even have robotic or automatic skimmers if they have an above ground pool. Depending on the size of your inground pool, you might have more than one skimmer.

The pool skimmer draws water from the surface of your pool and runs it through your pool’s filtration system. It removes debris, hair, leaves, and other contaminants preventing them from sinking to the bottom.

You do want to keep these clean. Make sure nothing gets stuck in your skimmers.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the four swimming pool basic parts , you are ready to take care of it with ease! We wish you a wonderful swimming season!

If you find you need help with pool maintenance, please contact us, and our expert service technicians can help!