How to Create a Summer Pool Maintenance Schedule

How to Create a Summer Pool Maintenance Schedule

As the centerpiece of your backyard and the hub of summer fun, you want to make sure your swimming pool is ready at all times.

You’ll find that you enjoy your pool more if it’s properly maintained. Plus, you’ll save money in the long run by establishing a summer pool maintenance schedule.

It also might be surprising to note that treating your pool more often means you’ll use fewer chemicals throughout the summer and early fall.

Use our tips here to create a consistent schedule to enjoy your pool all summer long. Here’s how to create your maintenance schedules.

First, let’s look at a list of things to do before you start working on your pool.

Get Prepared

  • Get your water tested. We can tell you just what your pool needs.
  • Put someone in charge of your pool. Either hire us to take care of your pool or put someone in your family in charge of the ongoing maintenance. Teach your children how to help you, and they’ll be adept in no time – start them off with easy chores like cleaning the skimmers or brushing the pool.
  • Write down your family’s habits so you know your typical bather loads.
  • Create your schedule and stick with it.

Now that’s out of the way, here are lists of things to do weekly and monthly to keep your pool in tip-top shape.

 Weekly Pool Maintenance

  • Check the water levels to ensure that the pump works.
  • Run your pump for 10-12 hours per day.
  • Test the water and adjust the pH if needed.
  • Make sure your chlorine levels are okay. Test them regularly.
  • Watch alkalinity – test and adjust.
  • Test oxidizer and stabilizer levels and adjust if needed.
  • Inspect the pool water and check for clarity and algae growth.
  • Skim the surface of the pool and remove leaves and debris.
  • Brush your pool, walls, and floor twice per week. Keep the waterline clean.
  • Vacuum at least once per week.
  • Add the appropriate amount of weekly chlorine.
  • Check the filter pressure and backwash if necessary.
  • Shock the pool at least once every two weeks (every week for high bather loads) to eliminate contaminants and restore clarity to the water.

Monthly Pool Maintenance

  • Test the calcium hardness and adjust if needed.
  • Clean the filter using chemicals.
  • Inspect equipment such as pumps and filters for proper functioning.
  • If your pool has a liner, inspect the liner for holes and tears and make any necessary repairs.
  • If you have a concrete, gunite, or fiberglass pool, inspect for cracks.
  • Check all pool equipment, including ladders, handrails, diving boards, etc., to make sure nothing is loose, and it is working properly.

Final Thoughts

It’s easier (and usually cheaper) to maintain the chemical levels in your swimming pool than it is to fix them.

Pool maintenance is a must if you want to avoid costly, time-consuming problems. Maintain a balanced pool, and you’ll do less work and stress less about the quality of your pool water.

Be sure and ask us about the Tru-Blue Promise from BioGuard.

Here’s to a great summer!

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