5 Super Fun Labor Day Pool Games

5 Super Fun Labor Day Pool Games

Labor Day is finally here. Your kids have been playing games in the pool all summer long. They just might be looking for something new and different!

If so, check out these five super fun Labor Day Pool games.

Game #1: Pile Up

This one just needs a bunch of kids and some pool floats.

Separate the kids into two or three teams.

The goal is to see how many kids can pile on top of the pool float without falling off. You’ll need to have pretty big teams for this to work. The winner is the one who keeps the most kids on.

If you just have one group of kids, the winner is the person who stays on the longest.

Please make sure the kids can all swim and have an adult water watcher to ensure safety.

Game #2: Jump the Noodle

For this game, you need pool noodles and players who can tread water.

Put two people who can tread water the best in the deep end of the pool. They should each hold the pool noodle on one end. Have players either jump from the pool wall or the diving board over the pool noodle.

As you continue play, have the people in the pool gradually move further and further away. The person who can jump the farthest wins.

Game #3: Relay Races

Grab some boogie boards and two pool noodles.

Next, divide your players into two relay teams. Have one team go to one end of the pool and the other team go to the opposite end of the pool.

For the game, one player kneels on a boogie board while holding one end of a pool noodle. They need a partner to drag them across the swimming pool to the other end (from the side of the pool) and then return them to their home side.

The first team that has all of their players do the relay race in round-trip fashion wins.

Game #4: Watermelon Ball

Kids love this game. All you need is a big watermelon. They are notoriously hard to hang on to.

Throw the watermelon in the pool. The first person to take it the length of the pool and take it out wins.

Game #5: Mother Duck

This game is all about helping the “mother duck” get her babies out of the pool.

You can use ping pong balls with this game. Throw a bunch of them in the pool while your players are standing outside the pool. Once the ping pong balls have had time to move around, shout, “GO!”

All of the players have to herd their “baby ducklings” to one spot in the pool without ever touching them. They can use waves and splashing and other movements to herd them across the pool. Once the ping pong ball touches the wall of the pool, the players can put them on the pool deck.

The person with the most balls wins.

Happy Labor Day! We wish you and your family and friends a wonderful day as we celebrate American workers!