Refresh Your Summer Pool Games

Refresh Your Summer Pool Games

Getting tired of the same old pool games? After all, you can only play Marco Polo and Red Light, Green Light so long.

After looking all over the Internet for some new creative games, we put together a list so you can refresh your summer pool games.

Atomic Whirlpool

This exciting game has everyone getting in the pool and lining up along the edge. There should be very little space between them. Tell them to walk for a few minutes, jog for a few minutes, and then “run” around the edge for another couple of minutes.

If they do this game right, the water will carry them around the pool. Just listen to the shouts of joy!

To end, tell them to turn around and go the other way. They’ll find it is nearly impossible.


Looking for something to do with your empty clear two-liter bottles? This is it.

Rinse out the bottle, take off the wrapper, and fill it with pool water. You want to use a white cap or at least one that’s the same color as your pool tiles.

Split your group into two teams, line them up in the water on opposite sides of the pool. They should be facing away from the pool.

Someone else can stand outside of the pool and toss the bottle into the water. At the “splash,” players can turn around and try to find the bottle.

This is a fun and challenging game as the bottoms is almost invisible in the water.

Finally, recycle the bottle when you’re done!


If you like freeze tag, you’ll like this game.

Pick an area in the pool where everyone can stand with their heads out of the water. One person is it and tries to tag the other players.

If “it” tags someone, the person must stand frozen like a Popsicle with their hands straight up in the air until someone else thaws the person out by swimming in between their legs. A player cannot be tagged if they are under water.

Continue switching players like freeze tag.

Get a bunch of rubber ducks. Then, have three-five people at one end of the pool. Give them each a rubber duck.

Call “go,” and each player has to use their nose to push the duck to the other end of the pool. They can also blow it forward. Players cannot, however, bit the duck or swim with it in their mouths. They also can’t touch the duck with their hands of their feet.

The first player to get the duck to touch the other end of the pool wins.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy these pool games this summer as you shake up your repertoire. If you have a favorite game, we’d love to hear about it!

Happy swimming!