How to Use Your Pool in the Off Season

How to Use Your Pool in the Off Season

If you leave your pool open all year long, you may wonder how to use it more. Learn how to use it in the off-season and check out how David and Jessica used their pool to create an extra special night for some high school students!

Here’s how to use your pool in the off-season.

Keep the Water Warm

The first thing you can do is add a pool heater. A pool heater can help extend your swimming time during the year.

If you don’t mind the cool air outside, slipping in a warm pool in the fall or early spring can be invigorating. Swim some laps or exercise, and warm up even more.

How to Use Your Pool in the Off Season

David and Jessica used their pool in February as a backdrop for a homecoming party!

Have a Party

David and Jessica lit up their pool in festive colors and added some lighted letters, HOCO, for Homecoming, and some lighted letters. Along with David’s daughter, they invited some of her friends for an evening of fun and food.

The kids had an amazing time!

You can throw a party in your backyard around the pool during the off-season, too. Set out some blankets, grab some outdoor heaters, or even set up a backyard tent.

Your pool is the perfect backdrop for parties, both inside and out. You can add floating candles, colored lights, or lanterns, too. Get creative!

Add a Fire Pit

Another way to stay warm in the backyard is with a fire pit. This is a fun accessory in your backyard.

You can use your fire pit all year round. It’s a great place for conversation with friends and family in the great outdoors.

Create a Bar or Outdoor Kitchen Area

There’s nothing quite like eating and drinking outside. Make it easy on yourself for creating an area that’s convenient for the people using your swimming pool or your hot tub.

An outdoor bar poolside adds extra ambiance. Don’t forget your Big Green Egg for grilling all year long!

Final Thoughts

If you’re leaving your pool open all year long, don’t forget to maintain it, clean it, and keep it free of leaves and debris. Test your water, and use your cover when the pool isn’t in use.

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