If you’ve been waiting to buy a hot tub, 2019 is a great time!

The new spas from Hot Spring® in 2019—the Highlife® Collection, the Limelight® Collection, and Hot Spot® Spas —offer new options and improvements while continuing to provide The Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®.

This year’s hot tub models feature updated color options that complement your home design. In addition you’ll find more lounging room, improving relaxation.

But the biggest and best change is reflected in water care system improvement. The new, integrated FreshWater™ Salt System ships ready to use on luxury Highlife® Collection and Limelight® Collection spas and, with normal use, provides one year of soft, pure water with a lot less maintenance.

In 2019 take time to take care of you. Worry less about hot tub care because your hot tub practically takes care of itself. Let’s see what’s new from Hot Spring in 2019.

FreshWater Salt System

The FreshWater Salt System makes hot tub care simple.

New Water with the FreshWater™ Salt System

Clean water is essential to a positive hot tub experience. The FreshWater™ Salt System is factory-integrated on Hot Spring Highlife Collection and Limelight Collection spas. The titanium cartridge-based system generates chlorine from salt and automatically releases it into your hot tub water

This removes the hassle of manual sanitizer introduction. The system produces more natural-feeling water that won’t irritate eyes and skin.

Changing the FreshWater™ Salt System every four months takes only seconds.

Maintenance is simple. The control panel prompts you with instructions on reading and adjusting the chlorine output every 10 days. Best of all, you only need to drain and refill your spa water once a year. This is  instead of the three or four times a year traditional sanitizing systems require. Longer water life allows for water conservation, too.

With the Freshwater™ Salt System, you spend less time maintaining your spa water and more time enjoying it.

New Hot Spring Spa Collections for 2019

The new models are more beautiful, comfortable, and easier to care for than ever.

This year, new designer-selected cabinet colors and finishes, as well as a new shell color option, make it simple for hot-tub shoppers to match their spas with their home aesthetic.

Six models in the Highlife Collection feature luxurious lounge seating. The new Triumph™ hot tub includes two loungers. Plus, with the innovative FreshWater™ Salt System, the hot tub is truly always hot and ready for use.

Let’s take a look at 2019 Highlife Collection hot tubs.

Highlife Collection Luxury Features

The 2019 Highlife Collection spas offer better water. The FreshWater™ Salt System creates pure, smooth water with minimal effort.

Plus, Highlife Collection spas feature dishwasher-safe Tri-XⓇ filters. They provide up to 325 square feet of filtration to strain 100% of the water, 100% of the time. While other spas bypass the filters when jets are active, Highlife Collection spas keep working to clean your water.

Highlife Collection spas also feature a better massage experience, courtesy of the powerful Moto-Massage® DX jet. It offers a deluxe, targeted massage.

Moto-Massage® DX

An innovation unique to Hot Spring, the Moto-Massage DX jet produces water streams that move up and down your back. Other jets, including Soothing StreamⓇ, Jet StreamⓇ, and Rotary Hydromassage jets, powered by robust WavemasterⓇ pumps, enhance and complete the versatile, relaxing massage of Highlife Collection spas.

When it comes to energy conservation, Highlife Collection spas shine. The offer top energy efficiency via the Energy SmartⓇsystem. Full foam insulation, applied in multiple layers of varying density, locks in heat entirely. This is the same insulation used in commercial freezers and is the ultimate in hot tub energy efficiency.

Hot Tub Covers

A specially designed cover with a carefully constructed hinge seal keeps the heat from escaping from Highlife Collection spas. A polymeric base pan with structural ribbing insulates the bottom. As an added benefit, spas with polymeric substructures provide exceptional support compared to wood-framed hot tubs. Even the jets are energy-efficient, as the SmartJetⓇ system allows users to direct water flow only to the jets they’re using.

CoolZone System

Of course, all Highlife Collection spas offer the wellness benefits of hot-tubbing. The optional CoolZoneⓇ Hot Tub Cooling System, which is great for athletes and those who live in hot climates, allows for cold and hot water therapy. Simply set it to chill your spa to as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, enjoy a cool soak on the hottest summer days. Heat it back up again for warm evening soaks.


Highlife Collection spas in 2019 continue to offer intuitive, high-tech controls and the optional:

  • Connextion® Remote Monitoring System
  • Beautiful LuminescenceⓇ LED spa lighting
  • An optional wireless entertainment system with extended BluetoothⓇ technology.

colors  New Hot Tub Colors

Redesigned Hot Tub Step Colors

High-quality, all-weather hot tub steps help make getting into and out of your hot tub easy. S

teps are made of high-tech polymer and have treads for solid footing. New step colors, cocoa and smoke, match the corners of redesigned Highlife Collection hot tubs for seamless style. To help you feel even more secure when exiting and entering the hot tub, consider adding a spa-side handrail.

Fresh Hot Tub Cover Colors Match Corners

Your hot tub cover, which is included in the price of all Hot Spring spas, can save you money and maintenance time.

Insulated vinyl covers keep your water warm when your hot tub is not in use, so your heater uses less energy to keep your spa at the perfect temperature. The new hot tub cover colors, chocolate and slate, coordinate with Highlife Collection spa corners and steps, bringing your backyard together. Optional cover lifters are essential to the spa experience, allowing hot tub owners to easily set and remove their covers.

How to Find the Right Hot Tub

The best hot tub for you is the one you’ll use frequently. To find the perfect model for you and your family, consider the ways you’ll use your spa.

  • How many people will enjoy it regularly?
  • What features are you most looking forward to: massage jets, lounge seats, entertainment options?
  • Are you looking for health or wellness benefits, such as relief of sore muscles and improving your sleep?

We can answer any questions you have to help narrow down your choices. You can even come in for a test soak!


Relax with up to five people in comfort.


With seating for seven, the Highlife Collection Grandee spa is the perfect choice for large families.

While all the models in the Highlife Collection include at least one Moto-Massage DX moving jet, the Grandee spa has two, allowing you and a partner to benefit from this unique form of hydrotherapy at the same time.

Think of it as a hot water couple’s massage—without the presence of a masseuse. Whether you want to enjoy the gentle sounds of the BellaFontanaⓇ water fountain solo or invite the neighbors over to watch the sunset from your spa, the Grandee provides an unparalleled experience.


A perfect spa for large families.


The Highlife Envoy is the largest five-seat model, and the largest model with a lounge seat, perfect for families who want to be able to stretch out.


You’ll find the Aria is tops when it comes to comfort.


Smaller than the Envoy, the five-seat Aria includes a comfortable lounge seat and powerful jets. The Aria accommodates a mid-size family and truly shines for daily therapeutic use.


Have a large hottubbing group? This is your spa.


The Highlife Vanguard seats six comfortably, and with 38 jets, it provides powerful, deep massages. The Vanguard’s square shape appeals to many hot-tubbers, and its open seating is ideal for hosting guests.


The Sovereign is heavenly.


Open seating in the Sovereign spa allows up to six people to stretch, float, or just relax and enjoy a soak. It has one lounger and 28 massaging jets.. Plus, its rectangular shape allows it to fit comfortably in narrow backyards.


Welcome to the United States, Hot Spring Triumph!


Now available in North America, the Triumph four-person hot tub has two loungers and two Moto-Massage DX jets. Perfect for two people and pleasant for four, the Triumph is designed for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of a spa but in a smaller footprint. The rectangular shape provides room to stretch.


The massage is terrific in the Prodigy.


The five-seat Highlife Collection Prodigy has 22 jets to provide you with great massages. Powered by a 115v/20amp connection instead of a 230v/50amp connection like most other Highlife Collection models, the Prodigy uses less electricity.


The Jetsetter LX is ideal for empty-nesters and those downsizing a home.

Jetsetter® LX

With three seats, the Jetsetter LX fits easily on small porches and decks. With less water to heat and maintain, it can save on energy costs, too. But don’t let the size fool you—the Jetsetter LX has just as many jets as the Prodigy, a lounger, and all the high-tech features the Highlife Collection offers.


Running at 115v/20amps, the Jetsetter uses the least amount of energy of any Highlife Collection model.


Standing a few inches shorter than the Jetsetter LX, the three-seat Jetsetter includes a lounger and 14 jets that provide invigorating massages. Designed to fit through a standard doorway, the Jetsetter is intended to be easy to install indoors.

Hot Spot Stride

Hot Spring introduces a new value-priced hot tub for Hot Spot Spas: The Hot Spot Stride.

New Value-Level Spa: The Hot Spot® Stride®

Popular abroad, this three-person spa is now available in the United States. Two seats facing each other make conversation easy, and a lounge seat means the Stride is ideal for relaxing solo, too. Sized at 7’ x 5’5”x 29”, the Hot Spot Stride fits well on decks, patios, and in small backyards.

Energy saving features, including FiberCor® insulation, a NoFaultⓇ heater, a powerful WaveMaster® 6200 two-speed pump, and a custom-fitted spa cover contribute to the exceptional value of the Hot Spot Stride.

Plus, its water care system, the FROG® @ease® In-Line Sanitizing System with SmartChlor® Technology, automatically releases chlorine into your spa water, saving time on water maintenance, and you only need to change the water every four months. This cartridge-based system takes the chemistry worries out of water care. You can simply swap in a new cartridge for the old one via the spa’s bar top when it’s time for a change. For size, value, and comfort, the Hot Spot Stride is hard to top.

To Conclude

Whether you’re a first-time hot tub shopper or looking to upgrade an older spa model, 2019 is a great time for a new hot tub. New models and style options will look great in your backyard. The FreshWater™ Salt System will make water care simple for you. A new chapter of hot tub bliss awaits you.

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