Why We Love the MiniMax

Why We Love the MiniMax

The Big Green Egg MiniMax may be small, but it’s one of our favorite grills! Whether you want a MiniMax to take with you on a camping trip, to the park, on a tailgate, or you want an extra EGG in your backyard for overflow cooking, it’s a must-have!

Learn more about this tiny but mighty powerhouse and why we love the MiniMax.

The MiniMax Meets Your Needs

While the entire Big Green Egg family – seven sizes – is incredibly popular with our customers, the MiniMax fits a couple of niche areas for us.

It’s a mighty kamado-style grill, and it finds itself at home in your backyard, the lake, the ocean, the tailgate, on your balcony, or as an extra BBQ.

The best thing about the MiniMax? You can take it with you wherever you go. Going on a road trip and want to save a little money? Cook on it right out of your car in the hotel parking lot. Going to the lake for the weekend? Again, it’s portable!


What Can You Cook on the EGG?

You can cook anything on the MiniMax that you can cook on the other EGGS in the Big Green Egg family. It’s simple to cook for four to six people on this compact EGG.

What’s more, let’s say you have a large Big Green Egg but need a little extra space for a large party. The MiniMax can pick up the slack here, too, as you extend your Big Green Egg family.

Portable and Budget Friendly

Not only can you tote the MiniMax where you need to go, but it’s less expensive than its bigger family members. This makes it easy to add as a second EGG or to purchase for outings, road trips, and tailgates, or even just as your main grill!


Final Thoughts

Come see us at our Big Green Egg showroom soon. As Little Rock’s platinum dealer, you’ll find we’re stocked with EGGs of all sizes and all the accessories you’d ever need!

The Big Green Egg comes with a solid warranty, a nation of people following it (#EGGnation), and the backing of solid master EGGchefs just like us!

So, what are you waiting for? Bring this little powerhouse home today.