7 Fall Tips for Hot Tub Owners

7 Fall Tips for Hot Tub Owners

Fall is officially here, and that means hot tub season has arrived! While we love our hot tub in all the seasons, we especially enjoy our hot tub in autumn.

If you’re a hot tub owner, you may agree that hot tub soaks in the fall and winter are so enjoyable. If you intend to use your hot tub regularly, check out these seven fall tips for hot tub owners.

#1: Clean Your Hot Tub

We usually recommend draining and cleaning your hot tub twice a year in the spring and in the fall.

You certainly don’t want to be draining and cleaning your spa in the winter when it’s really cold, so do it now. You can also use one of our favorite products, Ahh-Some. This great product not only thoroughly cleans your hot tub, but you can also use in your bathtub.

#2: Make Repairs

Have you neglected your hot tub this summer? If so, it’s time to take care of those needed repairs.

If you need help, our expert service team is on call and ready to lend a hand.

#3: Fill Your Hot Tub

Some of our customers drain their spa water and cover their spa during the summer. If this is you, you want to get water back into it now as well as the proper chemicals to balance and treat your water.

#4: Check Your Hot Tub Cover

As the leaves start to fall and the rain picks up, you want to keep your spa covered when it’s not in use. Plus, as the temperatures drop, your spa cover helps keep the water hot!

Check your cover over, and if it is faded, worn, torn, or ripping, it’s time to replace it. Come see us, and we can order one for you.

#5: Keep Your Cover On

Once you’ve got your cover, do keep it on when you aren’t using your spa. The leaves start to fall pretty heavily in October, and the last thing you want is a spa full of leaves instead of people.

#6: Close Your Vents

If your hot tub has vents that you leave open in the summer, it’s time to close them now. This helps keep the heat in your spa and not outside.

#7: Give Your Cabinet a Once Over

Spiders, rodents, and other unwanted creatures can find their way into your hot tub cabinet if there are any holes. If you find any of these, you want to fix them immediately. Larger critters like mice and rats can really hurt the inside if they aren’t kept out.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – our seven best fall tips for hot tub owners. If you have any questions or need service, please don’t hesitate to call, stop by, or fill out the form below.

We can help you with service, hot tub parts, and hot tub chemicals for the best fall and winter soaking season in 2020 and 2021!

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