Best Tools for Your Pool Fitness Routine

COVID-10 has many of us are working out at home now, and if you have a swimming pool, you have a “gym” right in your backyard.

The options in your home gym are endless. You can simply swim laps, tread water for a period of time, or take advantage of some of these common pool tools to enhance your workout.

Let’s check out some of the best tools for your pool fitness routine.

Water Shoes

When you wear water shoes in the pool during your workout, it’s much easier to move around.

We like water shoes because not only do they protect your feet, but they make it easier to accomplish some of the more challening exercises.

Ankle Weights

You wear ankle weights on dry ground, so why not bring them into the pool. Just make sure to purchase ankle weights made for the water. Just like dry land weights, they velcro around your ankle.

The water weights make your legs work harder against the resistance of the water, so this is a terrific exercise for your legs.

Consider high stepping, running in place, walking, or a slow jog. This will add to your workout, but it’s so much better for your in the pool. Why? The water provides buoyancy and support, and it’s much easier on your joints and ligaments.

Water Barbells

These look just like dryland barbells, but they’re lighter and made for the water.

You can use them in the water just as you’d use barbells on land. Do lateral raises, tricep kickbacks, biceps curls, deltoid raises, adn more.

Depending on your fitness level, you can find different weights just like you would for dryland barbells.

pool noodle

The pool noodle makes for an inexpensive exercise tool!

Pool Noodles

Our favorite tool for your pool fitness routine costs less than $5 and is found in most swimming pools in the greater Little Rock area.

Pool noodles are often used in water aerobics classes, and you can find a myriad of videos on YouTube to follow with your aerobic workout.


Remember when you used a kickboard to learn to swim? Or perhaps you have a kickboard or two lying around for your own kids to practice kicking.

Well, now is the time to borrow that kickboard from the younger set. Use your kickboard to work your lower body. This helps you concentrate on a strong kick for your swimming strokes when you’re swimming laps.

You can also purchase a high tech kickboard that has handles and is equipped for speed.

Aqua Jogger Belts

Ready to run in the pool? It’s a great idea to do your dryland jogging in the pool because you’ll end up with less injuries and sore muscles.

You strap an aqua jogger belt around your waist so you can be vertical in the deep end of the pool. Once on, you do your deep water running exercises. Think cardio and strength training at the same time!

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the best tools for your fitness routine, you’re ready to get going.

If you need pool service or pool chemicals, we are here to help! Stop by or feel free to shop online and pick up at the store!