Ideas for the Most Creative Pool Party

Ideas for the Most Creative Pool Party

We’re in the middle of pool season, pool parties are happening nearly every weekend.

Are you looking for some new ideas to liven up your pool parties and do something unique? We’ve put together some ideas for the most creative pool party to get you started.

Pick from small, quiet parties to loud, active, raucous fun!

Beach Party

Who says you need to travel for a beach party?

Create the ambiance right in your backyard. Here’s what you need:

  • Child’s sandbox and sand
  • Plastic buckets, shovels and other sand-castle building tools
  • Barbecue-themed menu planned  on the grill – think hot dogs, brats and burgers
  • Colorful beach towels
  • Table decor such as the sand-castle toys
  • Pool toys with a beachy theme

Ode to the Beatles

Another fun party, this is your own personal “magic mystery tour.”

Use your creativity and these ideas to get you started:

  • A Beatles-only playlist is a must
  • Fun floaties like unicorn floaties
  • Serve jelly beans or other rainbow-themed candy
  • Multi-colored pool toys

Movie Night

Swimming at night is fun!

This party is reminiscent of the drive-in movie theater.

For this party, here’s what you need:

  • Inflatable lounge chairs for the pool
  • Television or projector in the backyard (or project the movie onto the side of your house – a simple white sheet will do)
  • Your favorite movie, or two – fun movies include Finding Nemo and Jaws
  • Create food stations outside the pool and serve movie fare such as candy, popcorn and peanuts

1950s Come to Town

Music from the fifties is a must for your party. In addition, use the following items to make this party a hit:

  • Plastic palm trees and pink flamingos as decor
  • Decorate with balloons to match the decor
  • Pick a color theme like black, white and red or pink or blue
  • Serve 1950s food like fondue and Baked Alaska – cheeseburgers are also a good bet
  • Give your guests milk shakes or chocolate floats for dessert

Modern Night Out

This is a fancy, evening party for the adults. You’ll want to create a modern vibe – consider decorating in all white – pool toys, table decor and more. Consider adding in gold tones as an accent.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Serve signature cocktails
  • Float beds and chairs in the water so your guests can lounge in style
  • Add classy, vintage jazz music
  • Decorate with lighting and candles – consider hanging lights in the trees
  • Use classy plates and cups to serve your food – stick to an appetizer-rich menu for added fun

Vegas Night

This pool party is all about big, bold, neon color! The tackier, the better.

Decorate your tables, pool deck and pool with high-gloss, glowing colors like hot pink, lime green and neon yellow.

Serve a Vegas-style buffet that includes many varieties of dishes. Add a chocolate fountain and dipping items.

Around the pool, you can have game tables set up for people to try their hand at poker, blackjack and more. Be sure to have plenty of prizes on hand!

The Hawaiian Luau

Everyone, young and old, will love this swimming pool party.

Here’s what you need:

  • Ask guests to wear Hawaiian print shirts
  • Give them their own leis as a party favor
  • Decorate with bright colors and bamboo decor – you can find this at any party store
  • Use tropical flowers on your tables
  • Set some Tiki torches around
  • Serve fruit-flavored dishes such as pineapple ham
  • Play Hawaiian-themed music

Final Thoughts

One of the best things about summer is spending time by the pool.

Pool parties are a way to spread the cheer and include friends and family in the action. Whether your pool party is a simple, spur-of-the-moment gathering or an elaborate affair, use these ideas to create the best parties of the season.