Ingredients for the Best Fourth of July Pool Party and BBQ

Ingredients for the Best Fourth of July Pool Party and BBQ

It’s time to get planning for your holiday pool party and BBQ. If you want to make this party an event to remember, we’ve got all the tools you need for a stellar bash.

Here are all the ingredients for the best Fourth of July pool party and BBQ!

Invite Your Guests

You have several options when it comes to inviting guests:

  • Send a text
  • Use email
  • Create a closed Facebook group and invite your friends
  • Send a paper invite
  • Use an online service like Evite to send your invitation

This will help you get a broad idea of how many are coming.

Celebrate with Decorations

This is the time for a red, white, and blue party theme. You can even recycle some of your Valentine and Christmas decorations if they work color-wise.

Go to the dollar store and pick up some American flags as well. Visit your local party store for holiday themed napkins, plates, cups, ribbons, streamers, balloons, and more.

Consider adding a red, white, and blue floral centerpiece, too.

Ingredients for the Best Fourth of July Pool Party and BBQ

Plan Your Meal

When it comes to planning your meal, it’s always fun to colorful desserts and appetizers that fit the Fourth of July theme.

Think festive cupcakes and cake, fruit bowls with watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries, and red and blue drinks. Don’t forget the water – you’ll need lots of it because you know it’ll be hot!

Stop by Townley Pool and Spa for your favorite rubs – we love Lane’s BBQ Signature Rub. Check out our blog for the latest, greatest recipes, too.

You also want to decide what you’ll provide and if you are going to ask your guests to bring any sides.

Test Your Water

You can either pick up some test strips from us or bring us a sample of your pool water for testing. We’ll do it for free and run it through our computerized BioGuard ALEX system and tell you exactly what you need for clean, crystal clear, algae-free water.

You really need to balance and shock your swimming pool before your party. In addition, check your pH levels as well.

Shocking your pool before the party is beneficial so you can ensure you are continuing to kill and destroy bacteria and algae. Do it at least eight hours before your party, so the water doesn’t irritate the swimmer’s eyes and skin.

Clean Your Pool

Give your friends and family a pool they want to jump into. Your goal is a crystal clear, clean, and sparkling pool free of leaves, dirt, and debris.

Do these things before your party:

  • Skim your pool.
  • Scrub and brush your pool.
  • Vacuum your pool.
  • Use an automatic cleaner to keep your pool clean.

Do a Pool Equipment Check

It’s always a good idea before a pool party to make sure everything is running efficiently on your swimming pool. While it can happen, the last thing you want is for something to stop working. Your best defense is proactive.

You want to check your pump, your filter, and your heater (if you need to use it). Make sure they are all in good working order.

Clean Your Pool Filter

Now is a good time to inspect your pool filter. Take it out and make sure it’s clean before you use it.

Cleaning your filter means more than just rinsing them. Clean it properly to get rid of any contaminants such as sweat, oils, sunscreen, etc. If you need to replace your pool filter, do it before your party.

Stock Up on Swim Essentials

Your guests are sure to forget something, so be sure to have some extra sunscreen and towels on hand. You’ll make your guests feel at home, and help protect their skin in the process. Plus, extra towels mean less mess in your house.

Add Some Music

The ambiance is key to your party. Create a playlist for great background music.

We searched for Fourth of July playlists on Spotify. Here’s an easy link:

Fourth of July dog

Designate Water Watchers

If children are attending your pool party, you want to find a few water watchers. Set a schedule of water watchers so no one adult has to do it the whole time.

An adult water watcher is someone who is watching the water at all times to make sure everyone is safe.

In addition, make sure you go over the pool rules with the children and teens to help avoid any accidents.

Take Care of Your Pets

Don’t forget about your four-legged friends. Be sure they have a safe and comfortable spot during the party. Be careful to make sure they can’t get out a door or a gate.

If you’re having fireworks, be sure to put your pets in a room in the house so they don’t get frightened.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve got the perfect ingredients for a pool party, you’re well on your way to a day and night of Fourth of July party fun!

Stop by our store for your essentials: a water test, Big Green Egg, grilling accessories and rubs, pool chemicals, and more!

Happy Fourth of July!


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