Host a Pool Party Movie Night This Weekend

Host a Pool Party Movie Night

Pool party movie night coming your way!

The kids are back in school, and weekends are special family time. You created a lot of memories this summer, but you’d like to keep creating them all year round.

Plus, sometimes you just want to stay at home instead of taking everyone out. Here’s a trick to make your weekends extra special!

Let’s look at how to host a pool party movie night this weekend.

Pick Your Location

Movie night in the backyard doesn’t have to be hard. It can be as detailed as you’d like. For example, if you have a television that’s portable, you can bring it outside and airplay movies on it. Or, you can bring out the big guns and set up a screen, projector, and sound system.

If you don’t have a big screen, you can hang a plain, white sheet on your house. Conversely, you could also paint a very large piece of plywood white.

When it comes to the projector and speakers, if you don’t have a set, you can rent one from one of your local electronics stores pretty inexpensively.

All you’re looking for is something that works for your family! They won’t be picky because they will be so thrilled to be having a pool party movie night outside.

Some people already have a television outside, and if that’s you, this will be easier to set up. Do keep in mind that it’s smaller, though.

Using a screen or large sheet means your family can even watch the movie from inside the pool!


Choose a Theme

It’s really fun to choose a theme for your pool party movie night to really make the evening special. For example, it might me mermaid themed, and you can watch The Little Mermaid. Or, it might be truck themed, and you can watch Cars.

You can even add ambiance and decorate with lights, special food, and fun drinks for everyone. If you have really young children, let them dress up as their favorite characters if they aren’t swimming.

Pick Your Snacks

Your snacks can go along with your movie theme. So, if you’re having a mermaid party, think blue and green cupcakes with sea life decorations. If you’re having a party with cars and trucks, you can grab some themed gummy bears and cupcakes, too.

Everyone likes popcorn with a movie, so that’s a given. You can take that up a notch by setting out some seasonings and letting everyone season their own popcorn.

If you have small kids, break out the Goldfish crackers.

Be sure and add some creative, colorful drinks, too.

Add Guests

When it comes to your pool party movie night, you can choose to have a small affair with just your own family. Or, you can open it up and have your kids invite their friends to a really party that involves food, snacks, swimming, and a movie.

If you have a bigger type party, you can go bigger with the decorations, too. Consider a costume contest. Or, have each child bring their favorite themed-snack for an extra dose of fun.

Final Thoughts

However you decide to have your pool party movie night, you can be sure everyone will love it.

After all, how often can you do everyone’s two favorite things: watch a movie and have a pool party? Throw in some delicious food, and your party will be the talk of the neighborhood!

At Townley Pool and Spa, we are your store for backyard fun and memories. From pools to hot tubs to grills and accessories, stop by and see us today! You’re sure to find something perfect for your pool party movie night.