Kick Off Summer with a Memorial Day Pool Party

Kick Off Summer with a Memorial Day Pool Party

Memorial Day is considered the unofficial beginning of summer in the USA, and it’s time to plan the perfect party! Here’s how to kick off summer with a memorable Memorial Day pool party.

For most states in the United States, like Arkansas, people pull their pool covers off, set up their grills, and invite friends and family over for a day of fun, sun, food, and great conversation.

Memorial Day is a day to honor and celebrate those who have served and continue to serve in the United States Military. It’s also time celebrate the best time of the year…summer!

Start Planning

Memorial Day is a little more than a week away, and you still have time to get everything organized. The most important thing you need to do is open your swimming pool if you haven’t already.

You can do this on your own, or you can call us, and we can do it for you. You also want to make sure that you have sanitized your pool and balanced the water so it’s ready to go.

Another vital step is to bring us a water sample. We can run it (for free) through our computerized ALEX system which provided a printout of what you may need to add to your water.

Next, you want to send out your invitations. This is so easy to do through email or text.

Get Your Decorations

While you don’t have to decorate for Memorial Day, it does add extra ambiance.

It’s easy to do a patriotic theme and decorate with red, white, and blue. Start with your plates, napkins, cups, silverware, and tablecloths if you are using them.

You can also add some streamers, red, white, and blue candles, and even environmentally friendly balloons. Don’t forget to throw in some stars and stripes decor, too.

If you really want to go big, buy some red, white, and blue beach towels for your guests to borrow for the day.

Finally, if your party moves into the evening, make sure you have some lights hung on your deck or in the trees for ambiance. You can also use colored lights in your pool!

Plan the Food and Drinks

Diets are not part of the traditional Memorial Day fare!

Get out your grill for hot dogs, brats, and hamburgers (and veggie burgers!). Don’t have one? Come see us for a Big Green Egg!

Make your meal fun and set up a bar of condiments and add-ins so your guests can make their burgers and dogs just how they like them.

Don’t forget the sides, as these are some of the best parts of the meal. You can make them on your own, or you could ask guests to bring sides and desserts.

And speaking of desserts, this is where you can really shine. Try some patriotic desserts or even a sundae bar for extra fun!

Finally, give some attention to your drinks. Always have lots of water on hand so people don’t get dehydrated on a hot day. Ice tea and lemonade are always fun, too.

You might consider craft beers, wine, or cocktails, too. If you’re doing cocktails, think about a patriotic drink to shake things up a bit.

Do stick to plastic or reusable glasses, as you don’t want to have actual glass in and around the pool.

Create a Playlist

A great Memorial Day pool party has great music.

If you have tweens or teens, let them help you create the perfect summer pool party list. They’ll love the task, and your guests will love the music!

Bring Out the Games

Make sure you have plenty of pool noodles and floats. You can even add some diving toys and water guns for the kiddos.

It’s also fun to create some organized pool games. Check out some ideas here >

Ideas include:

  • Sharks and Minnows
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Swim races
  • Noodles races and more

You can also set up horseshoes, Bocce, water balloons, and even corn hole for those who want to stay on dry land.

Final Thoughts

You’re now ready to have a terrific Memorial Day party.

Do establish some safety rules and remember that May is National Water Safety Month. 

Set a designated adult to be the water watcher. This person watches the pool at all times to make sure swimmers and non-swimmers are safe. You can rotate this position so no one person has to do it the whole time.

At Townley Pool and Spa, we are your home for all things pools, grills, and hot tubs. If you need anything, stop by or call or text us! Happy Memorial Day!