David’s Favorite Grilling Tip

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Wondering why David keeps winning grilling competitions and why his family LOVES it when he cooks outside? Check out his favorite grilling tip!

David's Favorite Grilling Tip

David’s Favorite Grilling Tip

When it comes to all things grilling, we look to David for answers and advice. When we asked him about his favorite BBQ tip, he was quick to answer!Macks

First, he said, use use Mack’s BBQ Paint. Made in Little Rock, and sold right here at Townley Pool and Spa, it’s the best sauce we’ve tasted. And, we’ve tasted a lot!

Second, David says he always puts his BBQ sauce on at the end. Because most BBQ sauce has sugar in it, it can burn while you’re cooking. Sugar burns at a temperature between 265-275 degrees. When you cook above this temperatures, the sugar first caramelizes, and then it burns. We sure don’t like burned BBQ.

He recommends using it sparingly at the end.

It is worth noting that if you are smoking meat, you are most likely cooking below this temperature, so it’s okay to use sauce while you cook. While it may caramelize, it probably won’t burn.

Questions? Contact us today at Townley Pool and Spa. Ask our resident EGGsperts your questions. They love to talk barbecue!