Decorate Your Pool for Halloween

Decorate Your Pool for Halloween

Did you know you can easily turn your backyard and your swimming pool into a spooky, spectacular place for Halloween? Check out this tips on how to decorate your pool for Halloween.

First, let your pool be the star of your ghoulish shenanigans. Once the moonlight is shining over it, you’ll have created the perfect spot for your Halloween party.

We’ve scoured the web for some great party ideas, and here are some of our favorites!

Break Out the Floats…and the Skeletons

Pick up some skeletons from the party store and set them afloat on your choice of pool floats or rafts.

Consider getting extra creative and dressing them up a bit. Throw a hat on one, gloves on another, a glow stick necklace on another, and some colored Mardi Gras beads on another.

You can also set them in chairs around your pool, too. If your kids are invited, let them help you dress up your spooky guys and gals.

Let the Fog Roll In

Grab a fog machine from the party store, too!

This way, you can add some fog around your pool to create an eerie effect. Just be sure it’s not too foggy that your guests miss your other decor.

Halloween Moon

Change the Color of Your Water

There’s nothing better than blood colored water on Halloween.

You can accomplish this with some colored pool lights.  Simply change out your regularly colored lights to red to look like vampires have been having a great time.

If that’s too spooky, change out your lights to orange, green, or purple. If you change them to green, consider creating a swamp-like scene around your pool.

Grab Some Glow Sticks

These are fun when you blow up a balloon and stick them inside.

You can then throw them around your pool to light it up.

Add Some Ambiance

Finally, you can really take it up a notch with some of the following:

  • Halloween-themed food items that are spooky and/or fun.
  • Pumpkins in the pool.
  • Your favorite Halloween playlist with haunted music.
  • Cobwebs placed around the house and in the trees.
  • Flickering lights in lanterns around the backyard.
  • Animated decorations like witches, spiders, and ghosts.

Whatever you decide to do to decorate, get creative and have fun!

Above all else, do make sure it’s safe around the pool and no one can accidentally fall in! Set a water watcher to make sure everyone stays safe.