Spooky Halloween Pool Fun

Spooky Halloween Pool Fun

Halloween is upon us, and if you are having a party this weekend, we’ve got decorating tips as well as some super fun games. Check out this article for spooky Halloween pool fun!

Some of the decoration ideas are for inside your pool, while others are for around the pool and your background. The same holds true for the games! These are fun games, so they are appropriate for kids, teens, and adults, too! Do make sure your pool heater is on for those who will make the dive!

First, let’s look at some decor ideas.

Change Out Your LED Lights

As you can see from the picture above (hint: this is David’s pool!), changing out your pool light colors can really enhance the ambiance in your pool and your backyard.

This red color is perfect for Halloween and sets a spooky tone.

Add a Floor Silhouette

Grab some glow-in-the-dark or black or orange vinyl and make outlines on the floor of your swimming pool.

For example, add a pumpkin to the floor by cutting triangles for the eyes and nose. Then cut out the traditional jaggedy mouth. Do make sure you cut these large so people can actually see them on the bottom of your pool.

You can also use glow-in-the-dark duct tape to outline the cutouts so you can seem them during the day and the night.

Grab Some Plastic Pumpkins

Next, grab some plastic pumpkins. You’re looking for ones that are orange, green, purple, and even pink. Then, go to the dollar store and grab some glowsticks.

Crack the glowstick, match its color to your pumpkin bucket, and drop it in.

You can set these around the pool deck, or you can put them in the water because they float.

This is a great addition to your LED lights!

Buy Some Dry Ice

You’ve got red LED lights in your pool. So now you want to add some dry ice to make your pool foggy. This will definitely scream Halloween to your party guests.

A word of caution, though – don’t let your guests swim in the water if you have dry ice above it. Why? First, you won’t be able to see them, so it’s not safe. Second, dry ice burns the skin.

If you are floating dry ice in your pool, don’t put it in the water. Put it in a water-tight bucket and float it. Better yet, put some buckets of dry ice around your pool so it’s safe.

Make Your Water Blood Red

If you really want to make your pool feel like Halloween, you can add some safe pool dye to your pool to temporarily change the color to red or green.

This is like a horror movie come to roost in your backyard.

After a few days, the color will fade and filter out, leaving you with your clear blue pool.

Now that we’ve got your backyard decorated let’s look at some unique pool games.

dry ice

Play Ghost Hunters

First, you need a clear water bottle filled with water.

Then, throw it in the pool and have your guests find it. Whoever does is the winner.

Play Zombies and Survivors

Pick one swimmer to be the zombie. The rest of the players are survivors. Have the survivors on one end of the pool and the zombie on the other.

Someone should stand outside the pool and yell survivors. They must them swim to the other end of the pool without being tagged by the zombie.

The zombie can only be tagged if they are above the water. They are safe under the water.

The game is over once the zombie has converted everyone to a zombie.

Candy Corn Ring Toss

This one is super fun for all ages. Buy some plastic traffic cones and throw them in the pool. You also want some round glow sticks.

Players throw the circular glow sticks hoping to land them around a traffic cone. Whoever makes all their rings first wins.

Your prize could be a gift bag of candy corn!

Pumpkin Push

Did you know pumpkins float? They do, and mini pumpkins are perfect for this game.

Have all the players line up on one end of your pool with a mini pumpkin. If you are playing with adults, you can add some Vaseline to the pumpkins to make them extra slippery.

The goal of the game is for the players to get their pumpkins across the pool without using their hands. The first one across wins.

A Terrifically Terrifying Taste Test

We love this Halloween-themed taste test. You can even grab some of the recipes from our blog.

You want to create some extra weird dishes, too. Then, blindfold your party-goers and have them guess the dish or the food.

Check Pinterest for some great ideas here for weird-tasting food items.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some great decor and some great game ideas, you’re ready for some spooky Halloween pool fun!

Visit our blog for some great grilling recipes, too!

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