Cleveland Whiskey Smoker BRICX

It’s the wood that makes a good whiskey. It’s not just oak from a barrel but finishing woods like apple, black cherry, sugar maple, hickory and honey locust.

There is an incredible range of awesome flavor hidden inside these woods, and Cleveland Whiskey is using them to make great smoke, too! We just can’t get enough of these Smoker BRICX™ !

  • American Oak is a classic smoke wood. It pairs with just about any meat, fish or fowl, imparting a medium smoky flavor that is stronger than our apple and black cherry, but lighter than hickory.
  • Apple Wood has a sweet, light and fruity aroma, and we recommend it with pork (especially ham), poultry, lamb and seafood. It is great on its own but also plays well when paired with Oak, Cherry and Hickory.
  • Similar to Apple, Black Cherry is sweet and very fruity. It tends to leave a mild smoke flavor making it an excellent choice with beef, chicken, fish, pork and lamb.
  • Hickory is the most popular smoke wood used in barbecue. It packs a strong punch that goes well with large cuts of Beef and Pork (especially ribs).
  • Honey Locus isn’t your typical smoker wood, but it’s a great taste. The smoke has a light, fragrant smell, but it’s dense and burns hot so it’s best to mix with other hardwoods.
  • Sugar Maple has a mellow, sweet aroma and imparts a mild smoke flavor. The wood is dense in weight and has a light color. We recommend it for poultry and vegetables.