What Size Turkey Works on My EGG?

What Size Turkey Works on My EGG

You have a Big Green Egg, or you’re thinking about buying one, and you might be wondering what size bird will fit on your EGG. We lay it all out here by answering the question, ‘What size turkey works on my EGG?

When it comes to Thanksgiving in 2021, it pays to be prepared. Experts are urging us to buy our turkeys and our supplies early, so this article helps you get started! We do recommend you use fruit woods, pecan and oak wood, and not mesquite or hickory for your holiday turkey. We also encourage you to buy your grilling supplies now to ensure you have them.

Now, let’s look at sizes!

How Many People Does a Turkey Feed?

Before you decide on your grill, you want to first look at how many people you are feeding this Thanksgiving. Your goal is to feed everyone, let them enjoy seconds, AND have enough for leftovers for a few days.

Generally speaking, you want to plan on one pound of turkey per person. Once cooked, this gives everyone about seven ounces. But wait! If you want plenty of leftovers, you want to increase the uncooked amount to one and half pounds of turkey per person.

Let’s check out some general suggestions if you are serving:

  • 4 to 6 people, buy a four to nine pound turkey (you might only be able to find a 10 pound one, and this will be fine)
  • 8 to 10 people, buy a 14- to 16 pound turkey
  • 12 to 16 people, buy a 16 to 22 pound turkey
  • 18 to 20 people, buy a 27 to 30 pound turkey

If you’re having larger groups than this, you can buy multiple birds. Many of our customers like to buy two 20 pound turkeys. You can also add a turkey breast if your guests really like the white meat.

Now that you know how much turkey to buy, let’s look at what size Big Green Egg you need to cook it.

What Size Turkey Works on My EGG?

With multiple sizes of EGGs to choose from, there is one that’s just perfect for your needs! In addition, many of our customers who have a Large or an XLarge EGG, purchase an additional smaller size EGG so they can cook for large groups.

If you’re unsure which way to go, our expert team at Townley Pool and Spa can help. As your Arkansas Platinum Dealer, we are the EGGsperts!

The XLarge EGG can cook:

  • Two 20-pound turkeys

The Large EGG can cook:

  • One 20-pound turkey
The Medium EGG can cook:
  • One 18-pound turkey

The Small EGG can cook:

  • One 12-pound turkey
The MiniMax EGG can cook:
  • One 12-pound turkey

The Ultimate Experience

Make 2021 the year to clear out of the kitchen and make your holiday meal an outdoor, wood-fired one.

The best way to do this is on your very own Big Green Egg. It can bake, roast, smoke and sear! From cooking appetizers for your Thanksgiving meal to smoking a bird to baking your holiday  desserts, the Big Green Egg is the ultimate cooker for your Thanksgiving feast.

Don’t miss our recipes on our blog. They’re festive, yet simple! And with an EGG, because you are cooking outside, and it’s so easy, you can spend more time relaxing with family and friends.