Wireless Audio System for Hot Spring Spas

Wireless Audio System for Hot Spring Spas

Take your music outside and enjoy it while you’re soaking in your Hot Spring Spa! How? With a Wireless Audio System with Extended Bluetooth Technology!

How Do I Add Audio to My Hot Tub

You’ll find there are many ways to enjoy audio entertainment with your Hot Spring spa.

  • You can choose a music-ready spa with built-in factory speakers.
  • Or, up the ante on luxury and add a wireless Bluetooth® audio system. This lets you connect your spa to your home entertainment system and other devices that are up to 150 feet away. Add a subwoofer, too, and you might never leave the water.

Cutting Edge Screen and Remote

On the best models, your spa’s control panel is a cutting-edge touchscreen you can remove from its dock to act as a remote.

The water-resistant remote has a 30-foot range and not only controls your audio entertainment, but also your jets, lights, temperature, and cleaning cycle settings, as well as the spa temperature lock and heating and cooling cycle timers.

The music settings allow you to play, pause, switch tracks, adjust volume, and select different input sources, including media to view on your HD monitor. Artist names and song titles are displayed while the audio system is in use. This makes your listening experience as convenient as possible.

Overall Entertainment

Your entire Hot Spring spa is designed to enhance your entertainment experience.

Whisper-quiet circulation pumps ensure your listening is never disturbed by humming machinery, and ergonomic seats allow you to relax in total comfort while enjoying your leisure time.

Whether you’re watching TV, streaming music, or listening to your playlist, a podcast, or an audiobook, Hot Spring offers the perfect listening options for you to fully customize your spa experience.

Ready to explore your options? We are here for you to talk about the many different hot tubs and even provide you a test soak!