For starters, you won’t find us there because we care about you – our customer!

Our customers often ask us, “Will you be at the big Hot Tub Expo this weekend?” The answer is always, “No, and here’s why.”

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Have you ever noticed the way your morning starts is usually how you feel the rest of the day?

For many of us, it’s a mad dash that leaves us stressed and grumpy. You may have just enough time to grab a cup of coffee while you usher kids out the door and try to get to work on time.

Since it’s the start of a new year, why not shake up your routine a bit and wake up your mornings by putting your hot tub first.

Make a commitment to take care of yourself by following these tips:

Greet the Day

After crawling  out of bed, make yourself a cup of coffee or grab a bottle of water and throw your bathing suit on. Grab a towel and head outside.

Gently climb into your hot tub and just sit for a few minutes taking in the cool air, the quiet, the sun peeking out behind the clouds. This is your time.

Next,, turn on your jets and enjoy the massage. Take some time to greet your day with some reflection.

Soak for 10

The best way to start your day is with a short soak at 104°. You’ll find that just 10 minutes can leave you ready to greet your day rested and refreshed, and ready to take on any challenges that might come our way.

If you  soak much longer than 10 minutes in the early morning hours, you’ll end up wanting to go back to bed!

Stretch a Bit

Perhaps you worked out before our soak. Or, maybe you’re going to the gym after your soak, or the day is an exercise-free day. Regardless, it’s a good idea to start your day with a stretching session.

The warm water in your hot tub helps loosen your muscles and get you ready for your day. Do a bit of stretching in your tub for an even better experience.

For those of you who are quite sore after getting out of bed in the morning, a hot tub soak is just the thing for taking away your aches and pains.

Enjoy Nature

There’s nothing better than an early morning soak for watching the world wake up. There’s wildlife all around, and it’s best heard in the morning hours as the sun climbs higher and animals start to awaken.

Enjoy this time in your hot tub to appreciate all nature has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Join us as we dedicate ourselves to putting hot tubs first. We look forward to starting more of our mornings in the hot tub!

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