How Often Will You Use Your Hot Tub?

How Often Will You Use Your Hot Tub

Just like any big purchase, you might ask yourself while considering a Hot Spring Spa how often you will use your hot tub.

The answer to that question really depends on which hot tub you choose. If you choose well and you’re committed to wellness, it’s a safe bet you’ll jump in your spa more than you originally expected to.

But, What If…

You probably know someone who purchased a hot tub and never used it. It may even have sat in their backyard for years and is now falling apart.

We bet they didn’t buy a Hot Springs Spa. Most of our owners tell us they use their spa all the time. Some of them even report using it two times per day. Overall, they report using it more than they initially expected.

This just proves that, as in all things, not all hot tubs are created the same.

For maximum use and your enjoyment, you should use a hot tub that is more than a recreational item. It is an investment in your happy, healthy lifestyle.

You want it to be part of your daily routine. Because soaking for 15 minutes each day is so beneficial, and that’s a lot of regular use, it pays to choose a quality hot tub that fits your lifestyle.

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Consider Quality Hot Tubs First

Select a hot tub brand you can count on for quality and longevity.

Hot tubs can range significantly in price. So, when considering the value of your new hot tub, keep in mind it is much better to purchase a more expensive model that you’ll use every day for the next ten years than a less expensive spa that you rarely use and stops working after only a couple of years.

If you’ve done your research, you’ve learned there are a lot of hot tub manufacturers. But just a handful have a reputation for quality in every model they make.

Before choosing a spa, do your research. Check out the online reviews and be comfortable with your hot tub dealer.

Consider Ease of Use

Invest in a spa with features that are easy to use. This way, you’ll enjoy your time in the spa and spend less time maintaining it and trying to understand t.

Hot tubs have come a long way. They now have synthetic wood cabinets that are practically maintenance-free and advanced water care options that simplify water care.

Ask us how to have the best water quality, so you don’t experience dry, itchy skin, red eyes, or that strong chlorinated smell that means you need to take a shower after exiting the spa.

We want you to go from the pillow of your hot tub straight to the pillow of your bed. When this is the case, you’ll use your spa more often!

Consider Location

The most important thing is to choose a spot that has easy access from your home. If you put your hot tub at the end of your half-acre backyard, we bet you won’t use it as much as you would if it was right on your patio.

How often you use your spa is directly related to how close your spa is to your backdoor.

When it’s dark or freezing cold, ask yourself where you’d like to place your hot tub. Aren’t you more likely to access it if it’s a few steps from your back door?

If you’re worried about noise, choose a model with a dedicated circulation pump that quietly circulates the water 24 hours a day, eliminating the need for loud filtration cycles.

Your Wellness Awaits

So, how often will you use your hot tub?

If you choose a quality hot tub that is easy to use and maintain, you place it close to your back door, and you make a commitment to using it, we think it will be part of your everyday life.

We invite you to make your personal wellness a priority.

You will find when you use your spa often, you’ll feel better and get more out of each day. When you spend time in a Hot Spring spa, you feel better physically, mentally, and in all your daily interactions.