You probably know that a soak in the hot tub is good for sore muscles and joints.

We’ve explained about the benefits of hot tub heat therapy and how it increases blood flow, relaxes muscles and stimulates healing.

What we haven’t explained is whether or not you should soak before you exercise or after. Let’s look at that question now. Read more

Colin, our Mosquito Eradicator, explains how easy it is to rid your yard of pesky mosquitoes! Watch this now to get them under control before Labor Day! Read more

Whether you’re already an avid exerciser, or you’re just beginning an exercise program, swimming is one of the most popular and safest ways to get fit.

In this article, we look at how to swim your way to better health with the myriad of possibilities in the swimming pool. Read more

Sunscreen is important. It protects your entire family from sunburn, skin cancer, premature aging of the skin, and serious health issues. Yet, many people don’t wear it, and they don’t use it on their children!

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Before we look at the seven reasons dad needs a hot tub, let’s celebrate dad for a minute.

When we think of Father’s Day, we think of fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, uncles, and men who old a special place in the lives of children. Quotes abound regarding Father’s Day – we salute you all through them: Read more

Whether dad is a current Big Green Egg owner, or he’s getting one for Father’s Day, we’ve got you covered in the card department!

These cards can go with his new EGG and EGGcessories! Click on the images to print a Father’s Day card.

Happy Father’s Day … make it an EGGcellent one!

Fathers Day Card

It seems that as spring turns into summer, as a whole, we get busier and don’t have as much time to think about wellness. Work, family, kids out of school, vacation, and other activities may leave you depleted.

This can take a toll on your overall well-being. In this article, we look at wellness tips for this summer. Read more

Did you know May is National Water Safety Month?

Swimming and fun aquatic activities in the pool have a great impact on both our bodies and our minds. In fact, spending time in and around water simply makes us feel better! As we round the corner to May, we want to remind you of some important water safety tips!

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The question for today is an important one for pizza lovers everwhere: “Does an EGG really make better pizza than a brick oven?”

Yes, the EGG really is already a pizza oven! Watch this short video on pizza basics from our favorite Big Green Egg cook: “Dr. BBQ.” Read more

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned in the last year from the COVID-19 pandemic is that our homes can serve many purposes. One of those is doing our workouts at home.

If you’ve been working out at home for months, or this is your first time exercising from home, we have three tips for working out at home and meeting your fitness goals.

It takes some patience, a bit of creativity, and a lot of discipline to stick with it. Read more