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It’s sunny, and it’s hot.  These two things together are great for summertime swimming, but there are some things you need to know when it comes to your pool and chlorine demand.

In this article, we look at the effects of sun and heat on your pool. It’s important to watch your pool during our hot, cloudless dayss as you can bet your chlorine levels are having a hard time staying level. Read more

Wondering how to vacation treat your pool? You’re in the right place!

You love your pool, and spending time in your backyard retreat is where summer memories are made. Yet, like many Americans, you are finding yourself traveling this summer. Read more

My water is green. My pool is cloudy. The kids are complaining that their eyes are itchy. I’m having a party, now what? The dog jumped in the pool. I had a party and “ick!”

We hear these things all the time, and our best advice is, “Bring us a water sample – we test it for free!” Read more

You’ve had the guests. Your pool has seen a ton of people. Your bather loads were through the roof. Now what?

Well, just like you are most likely having to clean your house and your backyard, you need to clean your swimming pool, too.

Let’s look at your pool maintenance after the pool party. Read more

Not only is this fountain pretty, it adds ambiance to your pool. What’s more, if you run the PoolStyle Flower Waterfall Fountain at night you can cool your swimming pool!

We are seeing pool water getting hotter sooner this summer with our early onset of heat. This makes this affordable water fountain a great idea!

Flower Waterfall Fountain Features

  • Works in above-ground and below-ground swimming pools.
  • Install in just minutes
  • The waterfall sprayer feature is in the flower head shape design.
  • Use it to maintain your pool water, keep it cooler, and improve water quality.

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Water testing is key.

You want to have us test your water at least once a month! You want to do it on a regular basis during the summer season. Things to look for include your chlorine residual and your pH balance.

Many of our customers have been asking, “Does testing my water improve my chlorine? The answer is yes, and this video explains why.

If you have questions, we are here to help! Call, text, stop by, or fill out the form below!

Did you know that under dosing your chlorine in your swimming pool to make it last longer actually ends up causing you to need MORE chlorine?

It may be tempting to under dose your chlorine due to the shortage. The key to chlorine efficiency is to maintain a 1-4 ppm residual at all times and shock your pool more often. Check out this video from BioGuard for more details.

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Do you know what makes your pool run? Are you confused by swimming pool basics? Or are you considering buying a pool and want to learn more before you do?

Knowing all the pieces of your swimming pool is an important part of knowing how to maintain your pool. Basically every swimming pool has four parts, and you want to take care of all of them to keep your pool in good working order all season long.

In this article, we help you get to know the basics of the swimming pool. Let’s look at the four parts. Read more

See the new Polaris Epic pool cleaners, and they feature a new design, larger debris basket, cord swivel, and a new lift system! Check out this video as our president, David Townley, highlights these new features. Then stop by the store and pick one up for your pool!

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