Saltwater pools are favored for their simpler and gentler approach to pool care, and they are our favorite kind of pool.

They do have some unique needs when compared to traditional chlorine pools, and with our partner, BioGuard, we offer you the Mineral Springs System to meet your salt pool needs and enhance the saltwater experience.

Look to a certified salt pool expert

A Certified Salt Pool Expert has been trained to understand exactly what is needed to keep a salt pool performing at peak condition. They also understand why you chose a salt pool in the first place and will work hard to maintain your satisfaction with that choice.

The Mineral Springs Program

The Mineral Springs system utilizes easy-to-apply minerals and a chlorine generator to produce a chlorine sanitizer. It takes only five minutes a week to maintain – in fact, once you’ve begun the system, you only have to add the Renewal® product once a week. That’s it!

BioGuard’s Mineral Springs Program is ideal for:

  • Pools equipped with any chlorine generator
  • Frequent travelers or vacation-takers
  • Those looking for the luxuries of a mineral pool
  • Pools of any size or surface

Two easy steps!

mineral springs beginnings495

Mineral Springs System Beginnings® – A proprietary blend of minerals added to pool water at start-up:

  • Foundation of Mineral Springs line
  • Uses SilkGuard® & SunShield® technology
  • Prevents scale from forming
  • Makes water soft and gentle



mineral springs renewal

Mineral Springs System Renewal® – Replenish mineral levels and adjust pH, keeping water soft and clear:

  • Maintains problem-free water, established from Beginnings
  • Prevents scale
  • Makes water silky smooth
  • High purity salt, balancer, clarifier all in one
  • Recommended to apply weekly


We are your Little Rock water care experts! Whether it’s your swimming pool or your hot tub, we test your water for free using our automated Alex system!

Please bring us a sample of your pool or hot tub water and get “laser guided” advice. We ensure your pool and hot tub water is the safest and cleanest environment for your family!

Let’s watch as David explains how it works.

Free Water Testing made easy at Townley Pool and Spa! See you soon!

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