Cooking with Planks

Cooking with Planks

Wondering how to cook the most extraordinary food outside? Try cooking with planks! In this article, we uncover Big Green Egg planks and examine how and why they add so much flavor to your food.

Where Did Plank Cooking Come From?

Native Americans used planks as a way to preserve food. They cooked food on a moist wood plank over an open fire.

Today, the Big Green Egg makes this super easy and enjoyable. Because the EGG has superior heat retention qualities, you can cook indirectly using a moist, all-natural plank of wood. This infuses your food with moisture and flavor while protecting the food from direct heat.

The longstanding tradition of cooking on planks has grown into a popular at-home grilling technique. You’ll find it adds a whole new dimension to your grilling. What’s more, it adds a subtle smoky or woodsy flavor to all of your favorite recipes, providing you a fun way to serve your food, too.

Northwest Alder Planks

With its delicate earthy flavor, Alder wood is the perfect pairing for white fish like halibut, seafood in general, vegetables, and fruit.

Plank Cooking with Natural Woods

One of the best parts about Big Green Egg Grilling Planks is that they are made from all-natural woods sourced from certified sustainable and food-grade sources. They select their planks and cut them for optimum flavor.

The incredible smoky flavors of northwest Alder are infused into your favorite foods as you grill or bake. Just like Big Green Egg natural lump charcoal, there are no artificial or chemical additives of any kind to affect the subtle flavors.

Before Using Your Plank

Completely submerge the plank in water for an hour or so, placing something on it to keep it submerged.

After 30 minutes, turn the plank so it gets soaked evenly. This makes it more resistant to charring on the grill.

For variations, try adding apple juice or wine to the soaking water. You’ll note a hint of flavor, and the plank will smell delicious.

season plank

Seasoning the Plank

Place the soaked plank on the cooking grid for several minutes. When the plank starts to smoke and pop, turn it over, then arrange the food in one layer on the charred side of the plank.

Arranging the Food on the Plank

Spread your food out on the plank so the maximum surface of each piece of food is in contact with the wood. Why? As food makes contact with the surface of the plank, it takes on the wood flavor.

Use two planks, if necessary, so you don’t crowd the food. Then close the EGG dome and cook as usual to the appropriate temperature. Always use a Big Green Egg food thermometer to check the internal temperature of food before serving.

Cleaning the Plank

After cooking and serving on your plank, lightly brush off any particles and rinse with hot water. Do not soak the plank in soapy water; your next meal will taste like soap.

Let the plank air dry in an open, ventilated area. If you properly care for your plank, it will last for more than one use. Repeat the soaking process each time it is used, and discard the plank when it deteriorates from the heat.

To Conclude

We love cooking with planks, and we know you will, too! If you’d like to pick up your own, come see us today! We are your Little Rock Platinum Big Green Egg Dealer!