Ways to Stay Happy and Healthy This Thanksgiving

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It’s almost holiday season, and we wanted to look at ways to stay happy and health this Thanksgiving.

While you probably will eat more than normal, it is okay to do this for one day! To help you make it through the holiday season, take a look at these tips for helping you stay healthier through the holidays

Go For a Walk

Consider going for a walk Thanksgiving morning before you start meal prep and the dinner. Then, after everyone eats, head outside for a short walk around the neighborhood or some outdoor games.

These are two ways you’ll feel better on the holiday.

Eat Breakfast

While you might want to skip breakfast in anticipation of the Thanksgiving meal, it’s not a great idea. Go ahead and eat a protein-filled breakfast, and you’ll feel better as you move through the day.

Offer to Bring Something

This is one way you can be sure there’s something at least semi-healthy on the buffet table!

Know Your Danger Points

It may be the mashed potatoes or the dessert or the alcohol. Wherever you are likely to overeat, tell yourself it’s okay to have it in moderation.

For example, decide you will try two desserts instead of all five. Or, simply take smaller portions.

Make a Colorful Plate

Do try to have a well-balanced meal on your plate at Thanksgiving. That means shake it up a bit and add some leafy greens and vegetables.

Eat Slow and Savor

If you concentrate on eating slower and put your fork down between bites, you’ll not only enjoy your food more, but you’ll also eat less because you give your body time to feel full.

Final Thoughts

If you binged on Thanksgiving Day, and let’s face it, most of us well, that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up, but don’t make it an excuse to binge all weekend.

The very next day, decide you’ll get back on track. Make an effort to eat health the rest of the day and exercise. Black Friday marathon shopping anyone?

Good luck, and we hope you all have a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!