Let’s go straight to the heart of Greece – the delectable cuisine!  This pizza uses the quintessential Greek ingredient, olives, in addition to feta cheese and spinach. Read more

Say cheese! These shrimp and cheddar tostadas are packed with lots of cheese, and even more flavor. Read more

Load hearty slices of 12 Grain Specialty Bread with sweet onions, tangy barbecue chicken and tasty cheddar cheese. Then wrap it in foil and grilled for a delicious, open-faced sandwiches.

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Enjoy these Fired Up Chicken Wings with a Jerk Marinade that are cooked with the Rainford Method. Read more

Enjoy this original recipe from Townley Pool & Spa! We cooked this incredible chili on a Big Green Egg, right at the store. Stop by for more  info on just how easy it is to cook on an EGG! And, did we mention, delicious? Read more

If you’re looking for a recipe to bring summer to your table year round, Smoked Brat Kabobs is the way to go!

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Irish Beef Stew with mixed vegetables and lots of flavor is great for St. Patrick’s Day or any time at all! Read more

Baking on the Big Green Egg? Why, yes! Enjoy this divine recipe for Claire’s Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies today!

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We love this recipe any day, but it’s especially great for a party. Think Super Bowl, tailgating, or just because! Read more

Barbecue pork sandwich with hand crafted onion strings – you can’t beat it! Read more