Find Yourself Living Stress Free

Find Yourself Living Stress Free

We live in an increasingly stressful world, and stress causes a number of health issues. What’s more, it affects millions of people worldwide each day.

In this article, we look at how you can find yourself living stress free for a healthier life and more relaxed living.

You Aren’t Alone

Did you know that you aren’t alone if you suffer from stress and health issues as a result?

Today’s adults are busier than ever with the demands of work and family life. You might feel like you’re always “on” because of the instant access to email.

So, how do you fight stress?

Hot Tubs Can Help

Why can a hot tub help with stress? How do we know that it can help you manage your stress levels on a daily basis?

First, let’s look at the toll stress takes on you and then see how a daily soak is beneficial to your overall well-being.

The Dangers of Stress

Yes, stress can make you sick. But, did you know it can cause a host of very serious problems. Here are just a few of the repercussions of living a stressful life:

  • Stress weakens your immune system.
  • It leads to illness.
  • You’ll find stress can cause digestive problems.
  • Your heart may have problems if your life is overly stressful.

Stress is actually a natural reaction of your body. Yet, too much stress is a bad thing. It’s been shown to negatively impact your health in numerous ways.

While you can’t completely avoid stress, you can find ways to manage it so you don’t experience any of the harmful side effects.

Managing Stress in a Hot Tub

How can hot tubs help you manage your stress?

  • You’ll experience both physical and emotional benefits in a hot tub.
  • Hydrotherapy can play a vital role in your goal of a healthy life especially if you deal with a lot of stress on a daily basis.
  • A good soak in a hot tub can relax the muscles by providing a massage.
  • The therapy can actually lower your blood pressure and relieve tension in your body.
  • You can even play around with different techniques such as aromatherapy to increase the effectiveness of your soak as well to feel instantly feel less stressed.

The Science Behind the Soak

Just how does it work? Why does a simple soak in a warm hot tub help with your stress?

  • The warm, bubbling water soothes your muscles, making you feel more relaxed.
  • Your tension is released quickly in the hot water of your spa and is one of the first steps toward feeling more relaxed.
  • From there, warm water causes a chemical reaction in your body.
  • It promotes the increased production of dopamine in your body. This chemical is released by your nervous system and is one of the chemicals related to pleasure and relaxation.
  • Another benefit of dopamine is its ability to counteract stress. Within just a few minutes in your hot tub, you can raise your dopamine levels, relax your muscles and even slow down your cardiovascular system. All this combined has a very fast impact on your stress levels.

How Often Should You Soak?

You’ll find there is no set rule about soaking in your hot tub. Many hot tub owners soak on a daily basis, while others find soaking a few times a week can help fight stress.

If you are struggling with stress and stress-related health issues, we recommend speaking with your physician about how often you should use your hot tub. Come up with a solution that works for your time constraints and your health issues.

Final Thoughts

Everyone deals with stress at one time or another while others fight it on a daily basis.

If you leave stress unchecked, it can damage your body and put you at risk for many different illnesses.

Hot tubs are well-known for fighting stress levels, and they can relax you very quickly.

If you have a hot tub and haven’t used it regularly, it’s a great time to start to enjoy the warm, soothing water and relaxing massage to help you unwind and de-stress.

Are you ready to get rid of stress? If you’re interested in learning more about hot tubs and viewing our models, contact us today! We even invite you for a test soak!

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