As the weather heats up, the cooking goes outside! We love the fresh fruit on top of the chicken for a summery meal! Plus, add flavor to this Plank Grilled Chicken with Fruit Salsa with Alder Plank grilling. Read more

These Rosemary Grilled Chicken Sandwiches with cheddar and black forest ham are a quick and easy to make favorite. Read more

This recipe for Blackened Chicken Garlic Bowtie Pasta will surprise you with its smokey flavor mixed with the soft garlic bowtie pasta. We bet you’ll love it as much as we do! Read more

We love this fresh spring recipe for Coconut & Chipotle Braised Chicken Legs. Spicy and delicious, everyone is sure to love it! Read more

When you’re looking for a great tasting, every day, easy meal! Your whole family will love Every Day Dinner Chicken Thighs! Cook this great meal on your Green Mountain Grill.

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Grab a roaster chicken and some kitchen shears along with your favorite seasoning, and we’ll show you how to spatchcock a chicken.

Our president, David Townley, and his daughter, Madolyn, are pro Egg chefs and make spatchcocking a chicken look really easy!

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These Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kebabs have wonderful, fresh flavor everyone is sure to love! Plus, they’re super fun to eat. Read more

Kevin Gillespie shares a family favorite: Barbecue Chicken with Alabama White Sauce. He says:

“Growing up, the only cooking my dad did was grilling. He taught me everything I know about grilling, starting with the barbequed chicken he would make for the church fundraiser every year. It was always a crowd favorite and I enjoyed spending so much time with my dad.”

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We love Ted Reader’s recipe for X Factor Chicken Steaks with Whiskey Grilled Onions, and we think you will, too.

“X Factor” is for the skewers that you use to add stability to the chicken thighs while they grill it. It makes them easier to flip. Read more

We can’t say enough good things about these Grilled Chicken Fajita Skewers. It’s an easy way to grill some tasty chicken while getting your vegetables!

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