Foot Massage

Do your feet hurt? Do they ache after a long day?

Even if they don’t, your feet take a beating every day. First, you spend a lot of time walking on them. Sometimes, you shove them into uncomfortable shoes. And, for most of us, we simply don’t stretch enough and relax our feet after they’ve carried us around all day.

Your Feet Deserve a Break

How can you give your feet a break? For starters, you can give them a rest. In lieu of that, we always recommend a massage.

A foot massage not only reduces tension and eases pain, but it improves your circulation and stimulates your muscles.

It also helps you pay more attention to your feet so you can treat blisters, bunions, corns and other foot problems.

Hot Tubs Provide a Good Massage

A good massage feels great; you already know that. But, did you know you can have a foot massage in your hot tub every day? That’s a whole lot cheaper than getting a pedicure every day!

Most of us don’t pamper our feet. That’s too bad considering our feet take most of the pressure of our bodies. You may suffer from foot pain throughout your life, but we bet you just ignore it.

We encourage you not to ignore your feet. Spend some time in your hot tub getting a relaxing foot massage. You’ll find Hot Spring Spas models that can provide much needed relief for your aching, tired feet.

Benefits of a Hot Tub Massage

If you’ve never experienced a hot tub foot massage, you will love it! Plus, you’ll enjoy numerous other benefits as well:

  • Hot tub foot massage loosens tense muscles
  • Your ligaments and tendons will also loosen for relief
  • The massage relieves pressure stored in your tissues so your feet an increase flexibility and movement
  • Stressed feet have limited blood flow. A massage improves your circulation. This means more oxygen and nutrients reach your cells.

Final Thoughts

A daily foot massage in your hot tub can certainly help relieve the aches and pains in the feet common to many people.

If you have ongoing foot pain, though, we do recommend you speak to your doctor.