Cub Scout Campout and the Green Mountain Grill

The Spring Camp Out for Cub Scout Pack 30 was fun for all and allowed the boys a chance to get their final qualifications before graduating to the next rank.

A star of the weekend was the food cooked by Townley Pool and Spa Owner and Cub Scout leader, David Townley.

The Scouts enjoyed hot dogs cooked on the Green Mountain Grill, Jim Bowie, while the adults loved the mouthwatering pork.

Not only did the Jim Bowie grill cook to perfection, but Townley could use the WiFI controller even though there was no WiFi in the woods. He set his phone and the grill up peer-to-peer and connected straight to the grill. So, he could relax with the Scouts and adults while he controlled the grill from his phone.

Whether you’re camping out on your own or hosing a Cub Scout Camp Out, don’t forget your Green Mountain Grill. It’s simple to use, comes with optional digital WiFi controller and requires little, if any, cleanup!