Olympic Sports Right In Your Hot Tub

Olympic Sports Right In Your Hot Tub

Your hot tub is the perfect spot for relaxing your body and mind during the winter. Perhaps you enjoy a soak on your own, and maybe, on occasion, you throw a hot tub party for friends and family.

If you’re looking for something creative to do with your hot tub, throw and Olympic Hot Tub Party!

You can participate in the Olympics right from your own hot tub by curling, playing hockey, ice skating and trying the luge. Check out these Olympic sports right in your own hot tub.

Curling in Your Spa

The Olympic sport of curling involves ice and two teams of four players. They slide stones on the ice toward a target area segmented into four concentric circles.

Think shuffleboard for ice. The teams take turns sliding heavy, polished granite stones called rocks across the curling sheet (the ice) toward the house (a circular target marked on the ice).

Each team gets eight stones. The goal is to accumulate the highest score. Teams earn points for the stones that rest closest to the center of the house.

So, how can you replicate this in your hot tub?

Get some red solo (plastic drinking cups) cups and float them on the water. Create teams and take turns tossing ice cubes into the cups. Follow the regular curling rules and count points up at the end to declare a gold medalist.

Ice Hockey in the Hot Tub

This of course doesn’t involve a hockey stick or a heavy hockey puck. After all, you don’t want to injure your party guests.

Use a ping-pong ball or a floating toy such as a rubber duck.

Set teams up on each side of the hot tub and call each side your goal end.

You don’t want to physically touch the ping-pong ball. Use your hands in the air to create a breeze to try and move the “hockey puck” to the opposite end of the hot tub. When the ball touches the side of the tub, your team scores!

Skating in Your Spa

This one involves some proximity, so make sure you all like each other!

If you love watching the pairs skaters or the pairs ice dances skate, this game is for you.

Everyone stands for this game. Your guests try to pass a pair of rubber toys or rubber ducks between one another without using any hands.

This game calls for creativity, agility and a bit of flexibility. Whoever manages to keep the ducks and not let them fall, wins.

The Tricky Hot Tub Luge

One of the most thrilling, and scary, Olympic events can be uniquely replicated in your hot tub.

This game requires some music. First, you need a DJ to start and stop the music. Create a fun playlist beforehand of upbeat music.

As the DJ turns the music on, your guests move around the hot tub. Once the music goes off, everyone sits down. If a guest is still standing when the music stops, they are out.

This game is like musical chairs.

Final Thoughts

Schedule your hot tub party around the Olympics schedule. You want to make sure you all have time for a watch party afterwards.

Put together a menu with creative beverages. Use a winter theme or consider a Korean-themed menu.

Most of all, enjoy and have fun!

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