According to the American Chiropractic Association, worldwide, back pain is the single leading cause of disability, preventing many people from engaging in work as well as other everyday activities. In fact, back pain counts for more than 264 million lost work days in one year. Read more

If you have teenage children or grandchildren, or you spend time with tweens and teenagers, you probably know first hand how hard it is to get them to look up from their smartphones and actually talk to you.

Are you like us, looking for ways to talk to your teenager or tween? If so, we’ve got tips in this article. Read more

This four-person spa is ideal for your tighter spaces.

While it has a smaller footprint, it still provides ample, spacious seating for four people.

You’ll find each corner seat feature different hydrotherapy options. The large footwell is an added bonus in this spa’s roomy interior.

We just love that it’s illuminated by the Raio® LED multi-color lighting system. You can choose the color to match your mood while enjoying 19 tension-relieving jets.

With elegant styling, exceptional performance, and quality you can count on, your Limelight Collection spa will quickly become a central hub of your home.

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Looking for a new hot tub? Some of the most common questions people ask is how much it costs, what the energy bill will be, how are the jets, how many people can it hold, and is it comfortable. But, many people forget a very important question, “How quiet will it be?”

Peace and quiet can mean a lot when it comes to relaxing in your hot tub and having meaningful conversations with friends and loved ones.

In today’s ultra fast-paced world, many of us crave some quiet solitude and a wee bit of silence. You want your hot tub to provide a great place for you to disconnect, relax and enjoy some quiet.

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Did you know that most Hot Spring spas feature a multi-colored LED lighting system? It helps you enjoy a rainbow of color while entertaining friends and family. Or, you can easily select the single hue that best matches your mood for the evening.

Is it time for you to bring some LED lighting into your life? Let’s explore your options.

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