Spa Care Options

You’ll find you have various options when it comes to spa care, depending on your sanitizer preferences and frequency of use.

Other factors including your spa size, location and ease of application may drive your decision to pick from a few spa care options.

Find the systems we recommend to keep your water clean, clear and comfortable.

Soft Soak® TRIO™ System

Enjoy three months of simple, soft, clear spa water treatment!

Hot tub manufacturers recommend you drain and refill your tub at least once every three months. Changing it less often makes it more challenging to keep the water chemistry in balance, resulting in more time, effort and expense on your part. The Soft Soak® TRIO™ system is designed to fit this cycle so you know exactly when to perform this important task.

TRIO is Simple to Use

  • No measuring, no chemistry lessons – just open, pour and enjoy.
  • If you’re like most people, you own a spa that holds about 350-450 gallons of water. The Soft Soak TRIO system was made for spas like these; with pre-measured packets that eliminate the guesswork and let you know exactly when to add them.
  • Three products, three months of stress-free enjoyment.

TRIO is Soft

  • A proprietary blend of softening agents creates a noticeably better experience.
  • The average spa user spends 15-30 minutes in the spa per soak. Make that time more enjoyable by soaking in water with elevated softness.
  • The Soft Soak TRIO system creates a base level at fresh fill and then boosts the softness factor every week. Most TRIO users found the water softness to be “extremely satisfying” when surveyed.

TRIO is Clear

  • It removes major contaminants that make water cloudy.
  • The weekly portion of the Soft Soak TRIO system removes the unseen, common contaminants that accumulate during hot tub use so your water stays sparkling clear and odor-free.
  • The last step ensures equipment also remains clean so TRIO can help prevent conditions that might diminish your enjoyment of the spa.

Protect Your Family

When it comes to sanitizers, TRIO is compatible with most systems, including chlorine, bromine, salt, mineral, ozone and UV.

Bromine System

This is your non-chlorine option, and brominating products are the preferred sanitizer for most spas. Bromine isn’t exposed to UV rays since most spas are covered or indoors, so the lack of a stabilizer is not a problem. It also has some advantages:

  • Bromine immediately kills bacteria and algae – It’s very effective at killing all types of algae.
  • Bromine keeps on killing – When combined with nitrogenous material, the bromamines continue to actively kill bacteria.
  • Bromine can be activated – Oxidizing not only destroys built-up undesirable compounds, it gives new life to ineffective bromides.
  • Bromine works in a wider range of pH – This is especially important in a spa environment where pH has a tendency to bounce around.

Oxidizing a bromine spa

All spas should be oxidized periodically, based on bather loads, whether you use chlorine or bromine.

Many compounds need to be oxidized, especially the oil, sweat and dirt that wash off a bather’s skin. With bromination, oxidation also has a second major benefit as it reactivates the bromides, changing them from used-up bromide ions into the powerful bacteria-fighting hypobromous acid.

Chlorine System

Chlorine is popular due to its ease of use and low cost. It’s also been around the longest in the spa industry. You’ll find it works well to sanitize your spa water and kill bacteria.

You can apply granular chlorine directly to your spa water to protect bathers against contaminants. Chlorine can be stabilized against UV degradation, so it is often the ideal choice for outdoor spas that are exposed to sunlight.

  • Granular chlorine has a more neutral pH – With a pH closer to neutral your water is more likely to stay in balance which allows for less chemical applications.
  • Chlorine can also be used as an oxidizer – Chlorine is excellent at oxidizing compounds in spas, which tend to accumulate in small bodies of water with higher bather loads.
  • Chlorine is more compatible with certain ionizing cartridge systems – Some manufacturers endorse the use of chlorine with their systems for maximum effectiveness.

The Take-Away

You’ll find several options when it comes to taking care of your spa. Stop by today and let us help you pick the spa system that fits your lifestyle and works best for you!